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Getting Started

Getting started with audio advertising

What is AudioGO?

AudioGO is an audio advertising platform for Small Businesses and Agencies that empowers promoting your product or service to music and podcast listeners

How do I get started?

With AudioGO you can get started in minutes by signing up online. Creating an account is free, and campaign spend starts with low budgets.

If I live outside the US, can I run ads?

Currently AudioGO is available to businesses established within the US, targeting listeners across the nation

Billing and Payment

Straightforward billing and payment for your audio campaign

How do I pay?

You can pay for your ads with either a credit or debit card. We accept the following credit cards...

What is the minimum spend amount?

The minimum spend requirement for an AudioGO campaign is $250. You can edit, pause or adjust your...

Will I need to enter my credit card info for each campaign?

No, you just need to enter your credit card once in the

How often will I be billed?

Your credit or debit card is automatically charged for every $250 of ad spend, we call this amoun...

How much does AudioGO cost?

We charge a flat $18/CPM (1,000 impressions). That rate includes unlimited targeting, display ad ...

Do you allow alternative payment methods for bigger spenders?

We do offer invoicing as a payment method but have a minimum spend requirement. To request more i...

How do I change my payment method?

To change your payment method: Please login to your AudioGO account, and navigate to t...

How do I delete my payment method?

Payment methods can only be deleted when: There are no active campaigns running.<...

How can I redeem my advertising credit coupon?

An advertising credit coupon can be easily redeemed within AudioGO by navigating to your billing details page

How do I adjust my billing threshold?

As I'm sure you may already know, an


Audio advertising comes with flexible audience targeting

What kind of targeting can I do?

You can target listeners by gender, age, location (state, county, MSA or DMA), the time of day, m...

Campaign Creation

Start creating audio campaigns in minutes by following a few simple steps

Where will my campaigns run?

Currently, our publisher partners include Pandora, iHeartRadio,...

Can I select a single publisher?

You are not able to select a single publisher at this time.

How many impressions and listeners will I reach with my targeting criteria?

When creating a campaign, an Audience Guide will populate with real-time forecasts of how many ad...

How do my ads get approved?

"A human listens to every ad before it is approved." It's true. We will li...

What are your audio ad specs?

AudioGO only accepts audio ads that are 30 seconds or less. They must also be fi...

How does day parting work?

Day parting allows you to select the hours of the day your ad will play to listeners in their loc...

What are your display ad specs?

You're welcome to upload up to 3 display ads with AudioGO. Recommended Formats:

How long will my ad run?

You can select your campaign start and end date when setting up your audio campaign. You ca...

Can I run a Spanish language audio ad?

AudioGO works with Spanish language publishers including Entravision, allowing you to run Spanish audio ads to Spanish speaking listeners.


Measure and optimize audio campaigns' effectiveness by in-depth performance metric reports

What kind of reporting do I get?

Each user gets a personalized dashboard that displays in real-time: their ad spend, the number of...

Why is my campaign underperforming?

If you find that your campaign is underperforming, please let us know immediately.

How do you calculate CTR?

The CTR (click-through-rate) represents the percentage of listeners who clicked on a display bann...

How do you calculate LTR?

The LTR (listen-through-rate) represents the percentage of ad plays that were listened to in its ...

Ad Creation

Don't have an audio ad? We can create one for you

What if I'm unhappy with my ad, can I ask for a revision?

If you're unhappy with the audio ad we created for you, you can request a revision by submitting a form in the original email you received with the ad.

How do I request an audio ad?

AudioGO provides businesses of all sizes with an easy option to request the creation of professional quality audio ads at very affordable rates

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