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Getting Started

Getting started with AudioGO!

How can I contact AudioGO? trending_flat

For any reason you may want to contact us, please use the in-app chat or write us an email at Looking forward to hearing from you :)...

How do I close my AudioGO account? trending_flat

For any reason you may want to cancel your AudioGO account, please reach to us at and a representative will be happy to ...

What is AudioGO? trending_flat

AudioGO is an audio advertising platform for Small Businesses and Agencies that empowers promoting your product or service to music and podcast listeners

How do I get started? trending_flat

With AudioGO you can get started in minutes by signing up online. Creating an account is free, and campaign spend starts with low budgets.

How does account confirmation work? trending_flat

To activate your account, we need to validate your email address. We do this by sending you a unique code which needs to be confirmed

What are AudioGO's password requirements? trending_flat

For optimal account security, we advise using passwords that are longer than 8 characters and include a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, at least one digit, and one special character. This ensures a robust password that enhances your account's safety.

What if I forgot my password? trending_flat

If you happen to forget your password, simply click the 'Forgot password' link on the AudioGO log in pa...

How to choose the right industry for my account? trending_flat

Make sure you select from the drop down menu one or more industries most representative to your business

What are your ad guidelines? trending_flat

In order to maintain the highest quality experience for our streaming listeners, we require all advertisers on AudioGO to strictly observe the following guidelines: General Content R...

If I live outside the US, can I run ads? trending_flat

Currently AudioGO is available to businesses established within the US and Canada

Can I partner with AudioGO? trending_flat

Of course! We're always on the lookout for like-minded businesses and organizations to team up with! You can inquire with our Partnerships team

Is it okay to advertise CBD products? trending_flat

It depends on if our publishers will allow it. So we ask that all CBD advertisers submit their ad, or ad script, by contacting us for ...

Am I able to change the email address associated with my account? trending_flat

No, unfortunately at this time, AudioGO does not allow users to change the email address associated with an account. We recommend creating a new account if you are looking to use a new email....

Can I add multiple users to my account? trending_flat

Yes, you can! Check out the User Management section in our FAQs for more details.

Billing and Payment

Straightforward billing and payment for your audio campaign

Can I see my current spending / next charge? trending_flat

Yes. If you want to see your current account balance, just navigate to ‘Payment details’ from your user menu and locate the ‘Amount Owed’ widget. T...

Why am I being charged after my campaign ended? trending_flat

Even if your campaign has ended, your account may still have a pending balance that will be charged at the end of the month. You can see your current pending balance in the ‘Amount Owned’ wid...

Where can I see my past charges? trending_flat

If you just want to see how much your campaigns spent last month, simply navigate to 'Billing details' from your user menu and locate the 'Last Month Spend' widget. For a full accounting of your...

How do I adjust my billing threshold? trending_flat

The first payment threshold will start at $100. Once you make a successful payment at that threshold, it will automatically increase to $250. After a successful payment at that threshold, it will i...

How do I pay? trending_flat

You can pay for your ads with either a credit or debit card. We accept the following credit cards: Visa American Express Mastercard Discover JCB

What is the minimum spend amount? trending_flat

The minimum spend requirement for an AudioGO campaign is $250 USD or $300 CAD. Like most other adtech platforms, you can also start, stop, and edit your campaigns as you wish.

How much does AudioGO cost? trending_flat

We charge a base CPM (1,000 impressions) of $18 USD/CAD for streaming campaigns, which includes FREE location, gender, age, device, and genre targeting. For podcast campaigns, that base CPM is $20 ...

How often will I be billed? trending_flat

AudioGO will charge your credit card each time you hit your billing threshold across all running campaigns and / or at the end of each month. The default threshold is $250 USD/$300 CAD

Will I need to enter my credit card info for each campaign? trending_flat

No, you just need to enter your credit card once in the payment methods section of your AudioGO dashboard. And every cam...

Can I add multiple credit cards? trending_flat

At this time, you can't add multiple credit cards to your AudioGO account. Though you are welcome to change yo...

How do I adjust my billing threshold? trending_flat

As I'm sure you may already know, an automatic charge is triggered for every $250 USD/$300 CAD...

Do you allow alternative payment methods for bigger spenders? trending_flat

We do offer invoicing as a payment method but have a minimum spend requirement. To request more information on our invoicing solution, please

How do I change my payment method? trending_flat

To change your payment method: Please login to your AudioGO account. Navigate to the top right-hand corner of your screen and you'll find a dropdown menu where your username...

How do I delete my payment method? trending_flat

Payment methods can be deleted when (cumulatively): There are no active or running campaigns There is no outstanding balance to be paid The last completed campaign is...

How can I redeem my advertising credit coupon? trending_flat

An advertising credit coupon can be easily redeemed within AudioGO by navigating to your billing details page

What currencies do you accept? trending_flat

At this time, you can purchase AudioGO ads with US and Canadian dollars.

Where can I see my past charges? trending_flat

For a full accounting of your charges on AudioGO, please visit your 'Payment History.' It can be found in the 'Payment Methods' page from the user menu in the far-right c...

How can I download a receipt of my charges? trending_flat

Here's how to download your AudioGO charges into a PDF

Audience Targeting

Audience Targeting with AudioGO

How can I use the Podcast Shows information? trending_flat

You can understand the preferences of your target audience by analyzing the distribution of ads on podcast shows. To make sure your ads run on shows t...

What is Brand Suitability? trending_flat

Brand Suitability is a cutting-edge podcast contextual targeting capability, implemented in partnership with Comscore, that enables advertisers to fend off specific content by delving into context ...

How does Brand Suitability work? trending_flat

Each new podcast episode registered on our platform gets transcribed and analyzed by leveraging our brand safety partners methodology compliant with the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM)...

What segments are covered by Brand Suitability? trending_flat

AudioGO offers 14 segments for you to choose from based on your brand’s unique needs: Adult Sexual Explici...

How do Brand Safety segments work based on the selected risk level? trending_flat

Depending on what you choose for each segment, the associated content is either included or excluded from the accessible inventory, as outlined below:

What are the risk levels in Brand Suitability? trending_flat

There are two different risk levels available for each problematic segment: Standard

What targeting options are available? trending_flat

Reach the audience of your choice on AudioGO by selecting any of the demographic or advanced targeting options below: gender; male or female age group; 18 to 24, 25 to 34, 35 ...

Can I advertise on podcasts? trending_flat

Yes, you can! To advertise on podcasts, it's just a matter of following these three simple steps:

What type of segments are included in your behavioral targeting feature? trending_flat

Our behavioral targeting feature - which is only available for streaming campaigns - is a catalog of listener segments that are organized around the following 221 interests and user statuses: <...

What is Predictive Audiences, and how does it work? trending_flat

In partnership with Comscore, Predictive Audiences is an industry-first, cookie-free, ...

What is Ad Position Targeting? trending_flat

Ad Position Targeting allows advertisers to choose any combination of pre, mid, and/or post-roll inventory to determine their ad placements within podcasts. We strongly advise using...

How can I target by location? trending_flat

You can target the location of listeners on AudioGO by using any of the below options: DMA: Designated Market Area, is really just industry-speak for a media market.<...

How can I target by music genre? trending_flat

Pick music that matches your brand, your message, and your audience with AudioGO. Ads that are personalized to your listeners’ music preferences are especially effective at driving up engagements.<...

Can I run a Spanish language audio ad? trending_flat

AudioGO works with Spanish language publishers including Entravision, allowing you to run Spanish audio ads to Spanish speaking listeners.

How do I target Canadian zip codes? trending_flat

For targeting Canadian zip codes, we only accept the first 3 digits. For example, if you were to enter T3R 001; T3R002; T3S 003; T3S004, our system will only recognize the regions correspondi...

How do I properly format the list of codes I want to import? trending_flat

You can upload a list of postal codes separated by comma, semicolon, or new line

How do I import a list of zip codes to my campaign? trending_flat

Uploading a list of zip codes to your campaign is as easy as copying a list of postal codes you have at hand using a very user friendly UI

Campaign Creation

Start creating audio campaigns in minutes by following a few simple steps

How to set the right budget for my campaign? trending_flat

Set a budget for the entire duration of your campaign. The amount will be split across all days your ad will run through

How does campaign scheduling work? trending_flat

Specify when your campaign should automatically start and end

How do I specify exactly when I want my ads to run? trending_flat

To define exactly the time of day and days of the week you want your ads to air, you need to enable hourly scheduling

How does display retargeting work? trending_flat

Retargeting listeners with display ads will showcase your image banners to listeners that have been previously exposed to your audio ad while browsing websites and apps at a later time

Can I run political ads with AudioGO? trending_flat

Yes, AudioGO does accept political ads, but they are highly regulated and not all publishers allow them on their platforms. Political ads are not allowed to contain any hate speech or violence. If ...

What are the Podcast Ad Creative Guidelines? trending_flat

To ensure the best listener experience, and that your message fits the podcast environment, AudioGO ads are subject to the specific guidelines listed below:

Can I see the Player Breakdown for my campaigns? trending_flat

Yes, inside the Campaign Dashboard, you can see the Player Breakdown. It contains the distribution of ads played on top 10 platforms, such as ...

What are the default values for new campaigns? trending_flat

On the new campaign page, you’ll be able to notice some pre-filled values, such as the campaign name (based on advertiser selection & current date...

What are the available campaign goals? trending_flat

Based on the selected primary campaign objective, the platform recommends the best audio ad strategies, placements, and targeting options to a...

How does Brand Awareness work? trending_flat

Brand awareness refers to the strategy of using audio-based media to increase the recognition and familiarity of a brand among its target audience. This concept focuses on emb...

How does Brand Reach work? trending_flat

Brand reach refers to the total number of unique listeners exposed to your brand's message. The goal is to spread awareness of your brand to as wide and diverse an audience as...

How does Website Traffic work? trending_flat

Website traffic refers to the strategy of using audio ads to drive listeners towards a specific webpage or online platform associated with a brand, product, or service. This approach aims to conver...

How does Conversions work? trending_flat

The conversion goal relates to the desired action that you want listeners to take after hearing your ad. This action could range from making a purchase, signing up for a ...

How does Store Traffic work? trending_flat

In-store traffic focuses on utilizing audio ads to encourage listeners to physically visit your retail location or event. This strategy aims to bridge the gap between the digi...

What are Campaign Goals? trending_flat

Through AudioGO's Campaign Goals, you can choose a primary campaign objective beyond traditional metrics, such as demographics or number of impression...

How does Goal-Based Buying benefit you? trending_flat

With Goal-Based Buying, you can plan and execute campaigns in a more intuitive and strategic manner. Directly aligning your campaigns with you...

What happens when changing goals? trending_flat

When switching goals, the targeting will reset, the start date will default to the current date, the duration will be set to two weeks, the de...

Can I change the recommended applied campaign settings? trending_flat

Yes. You can override all campaign settings available in the user interface.

Is there a default budget? trending_flat

Yes, the default budget is $1,000. Depending on your campaign and goal settings, it may increase, but you can re-adjust it manually.

Do Podcast and Streaming campaigns have different goals? trending_flat

No, the goals are the same. However, due to the specifics of Podcasts, there are some minor differences in the Website Traffic and Conversions...

Can I use more than one audio ad on a single AudioGO campaign? trending_flat

Yes, you can use up to three audio creatives per campaign, to assess which one resonates better with your audience. Reduce ad fatigue and keep your liste...

Can I use different companion banner creatives with the Multi Ad Campaign creation feature, with each audio ad? trending_flat

No, currently we do not offer support for running different banners associated with each audio creative. You are limited to the default amount of compani...

Can I use ads in multiple languages in a single campaign? trending_flat

No, you cannot mix different language ads in a single campaign; the language chosen for the first ad sets the language for the entire campaign.

Where will my campaigns run in the US? trending_flat

Currently, our streaming publisher partners include Pandora, iHeartRadio<...

Where will my campaigns run in Canada? trending_flat

Currently, our Canadian publisher partners include TuneIn, Audiomack, Corus, Stingray Music, idobi, and Sonos Radio.

Can I select a single publisher? trending_flat

You are not able to select a single publisher at this time. But if you select music genre targeting, most of your impressions will appear on Pandora or SoundCloud, both of whom specialize in...

How do my ads get approved? trending_flat

Ads running on AudioGO need to comply to our ad guidelines. Make sure your ad fits the requirements to ensure a smooth operation

How many impressions and listeners will I reach with my targeting criteria? trending_flat

The number of impressions and unique listeners you reach depend on the budget and targeting criteria you set in your campaign. We do provide a forecast of your audience reach in the set up p...

How to use Audience Guide to correctly size my audience? trending_flat

Audience Guide is AudioGO's inventory forecasting tool which uses past info to predict available inventory for your campaigns

How to optimize targeting if my audience is broad? trending_flat

A broad audience coupled with smaller budgets will generally result in successful campaigns but you may want to consider exploring more precise targeting to match your campaign objective

How to fix targeting when my audience is too narrow? trending_flat

Narrow audiences usually result in campaigns not being able to fully deliver on their budgets and might not fulfill their goal. It is thus important to fix this by opening up your reach

What are your audio ad specs? trending_flat

AudioGO accepts audio clips up to 30 seconds long in one of the supported formats (mp3, wav, aac, wma and ogg)

How to use display banners with your audio ads trending_flat

You can upload up to three banners to accompany your ad. We recommend making use of all three dimensions

How long will my ad run? trending_flat

You can select your campaign start and end dates when setting up your audio campaign. You can also pause or stop t...

How does day parting work? trending_flat

Day parting allows you to select the hours of the day your ad will play to listeners in their local time. To use day parting, click on the 'Do you want to enable day parting?' option in t...

How to properly make use of the destination URL trending_flat

The destination URL is the complete web address of your landing page for listeners that click on your banners


Optimize with Real-time Reporting | AudioGO

How do you calculate CTR? trending_flat

The CTR (click-through-rate) represents the percentage of listeners who clicked on a display banner. CTR is calculated by dividing the total number of clicks from your display banners by the ...

How do you calculate LTR? trending_flat

LTR (listen through rate) represents the share of audio ads that are played entirely out of all ads that started playing

Can I export my campaign report? trending_flat

Yes, you sure can! To download your AudioGO campaign reporting into a sleek PDF file, simply hit the 'Export Report' link at the top right of the Campaign Report page. Now, with just a click, you c...

How are total clicks calculated? trending_flat

Total clicks is an aggregate value of the number of clicks all your banner ads have cumulatively recorded as part of your campaign

Where do my ads run? trending_flat

In your Campaign Report page is a graphical view of your ad's impression distribution by publisher, show (podcast only) and player. That way you can see exactly where your...

How do I download my reports data as CSV? trending_flat

To download reports data as CSV, simply click the download icon next to each report title on your reporting dashboard

What is the lookback window for advanced reporting? trending_flat

We extended the lookback window to one year, enabling you to analyze historical campaign data up to one year old. This allows for a more comprehensive understanding of historical campaign performan...

What is included in the ‘Others’ category? trending_flat

Podcast shows not included in the top 10 are grouped under the 'Others' category. Should you want to see more shows, click the download icon n...

What does Podcast Shows Breakdown contain? trending_flat

It displays your campaign’s distribution of ad plays across the top 10 podcast shows.

What does ‘Unknown’ mean in this breakdown? trending_flat

‘Unknown’ is the category that encompasses all the shows for which publishers haven't offered transparency. As more publishers enable show tra...

What kind of reporting do I get? trending_flat

Each user gets a personalized reporting dashboard that displays the following metrics in real-time: Campaign Metrics: Total/daily ad spend Budget Start/end...

What kind of advanced reporting is available? trending_flat

Aside from the regular reports in your campaign dashboard, our advanced ‘Reporting’ tab has even more data for easy managing. There you'll find additional metrics and breakdowns of your campaign pe...

How can I create a scheduled report? trending_flat

In order to create a scheduled report, please visit the 'Reporting' tab in the top navbar menu > and click the green 'Create new report' button.

What is the difference between reporting frequencies? trending_flat

When creating a scheduled report you can select between the following options: Daily – totals Your report will be sent to you daily starting with the first dat...

Why didn’t I receive any data in my one time report? trending_flat

Be sure to check the campaign period and select your report data interval to be the included in the campaign run interval.

Why don’t I see data for genre or behavioral targeting breakdowns? trending_flat

The genre and behavioral targeting breakdowns are only available for campaigns that have used this targeting type on campaign setup. If a campaign was setup without that specific targeting, your re...

Why do I see 'unknown' when I create a GEO – Zip codes breakdown report? trending_flat

Unfortunately for some users we can’t identify the exact corresponding zip code. In this case, all add deliveries will be grouped under an 'Unknown' label.

What does this 'Audio Audience Network' mean in my publisher reporting? trending_flat

Because we host a number of different music streaming and digital radio publishers, for your convenience, we only dis...

What does this 'Podcast Audience Network' mean in my publisher reporting? trending_flat

Because we host a number of different podcast publishers, for your convenience, we only display your campaign's top 8 pu...

Ad Creation

Don't have an audio ad? We can create one for you

When is my audio ad ready? trending_flat

Audio ads you request from AudioGO are produced within a maximum of two business days. We also notify you in-app and via email when your ad is ready to be reviewed

How do I share my ad preview with a colleague or customer? trending_flat

Your ad preview can be shared with collaborators by clicking the "Share Preview Link" from the Preview Ad window

What are the advantages of using Synthetic Voice over Voice Actors? trending_flat

As a catalyst for efficiency and innovation, Synthetic Voice facilitates seamless entry into the audio space and democratizes audio advertising, welcoming brands that haven't ventured yet into audi...

Can I use my background tracks with Synthetic Voice? trending_flat

No, due to legal considerations, your own background tracks cannot be uploaded.

How can I make sure numbers are read out correctly? trending_flat

Numbers are read based on context, however, you can clarify the type of number, such as reference, dollar amount, year, or phone number, by appropriate formatting:

What is Synthetic Voice? trending_flat

AudioGO Synthetic Voice is a free-of-charge creative production self-service that leverages the latest text-to-speech technology to effortlessly generate audio creatives in seconds, complementing e...

How can I use synthetic voices in my ads? trending_flat

When it comes to creating an ad inside your new campaign, click on the ‘Request creative’ button, and choose Synthetic Voice in the contextual...

How do Podcast and Streaming campaigns differ in creative production? trending_flat

A streaming campaign allows you to select a background track in addition to the voiceover as opposed to a podcast campaign, which only supports voiceo...

What is the maximum script size? What about the ad's overall duration? trending_flat

The maximum script size is 75 words or the equivalent of 30 seconds of generated audio. If exceeded, a pop-up error message will indicate to adjust the script size.

Why am I still receiving the error message since my script has less than 75 words? trending_flat

Should the generated audio be larger than 30 seconds, switch to a faster voice type or reduce the script size.

Can I download the Synthetic Voice creatives? trending_flat

No, due to legal considerations, ads cannot be downloaded.

How many languages and voice types are available for synthetic voices? trending_flat

Currently, English is the only supported language, with 14 voice types available. Using a promotional style, these voices are energetic, enthusiastic, and persuasive, with a faster pace to create a...

How many background track types are available for Streaming synthetic voices? trending_flat

The following 27 background tracks are currently available: (Classical) Lucky Pets ...

How can I emphasize specific words or phrases in my readouts? trending_flat

Use quotation marks (" ") around the words or phrases you want to emphasize. This helps guide the Synthetic Voice in shaping the emphasis of your sentence. E.g.: Are "...

How do I emphasize the correct syllable in a word? trending_flat

Enclose the correct syllable in quotation marks to guide the Synthetic Voice in emphasizing it. E.g.: “pro”duce.

How can I add a longer pause between words? trending_flat

To mimic natural pauses, use commas(,), periods(.), or ellipses ─ sets of three periods ( . . . ): Commas create subtle pauses, enhancing predictability.

How can I create longer pauses between sentences? trending_flat

Add an ellipse (...) or a combination of punctuation marks (".,.,.,.") at the end of a sentence. After the period at the end of the sentence, press return or enter a few times to increase the pause...

How can I make sure acronyms are read out correctly? trending_flat

Spell acronyms phonetically for word-like pronunciation. E.g.: ASAP → eigh-sap For individual letters, use spaces, or dashes. If you want an acrony...

Can I change the name of an ad? trending_flat

Yes, a default name will be set at upload or approval, but you always have the option to rename it afterwards.

Can I request multiple Synthetic Voice Ads or Produced Voice Ads and insert them in the same campaign? trending_flat

Yes, you can request multiple ads and they will be inserted in the campaign.

How to request an audio ad trending_flat

AudioGO gives you the option to request the creation of professional quality audio ads at very affordable rates

What if I'm unhappy with my ad, can I ask for a revision? trending_flat

If you're unhappy with the audio ad we created for you, you can request a revision by submitting a form in the original email you received with the ad.

Can you help me write my audio ad script? trending_flat

Of course! But I'm afraid we don't offer writing services for our advertisers at the moment. We're still more than happy to offer edits and suggestions if needed.

Can I use my own background music for my ad request? trending_flat

You sure can! We just ask that you provide a license or some form of written consent from the rights holder beforehand.

Do you offer translation services? trending_flat

Though we do support Spanish ads, I'm afraid we don't offer translation services at this time. So if you do want a Spanish-language ad created, we just ask that you please submit in...

Campaign Management

Audio Campaign Management - AudioGO

Why did my campaign end up not spending the entire budget? trending_flat

Campaigns can underdeliver for a set of reasons including: narrow targeting, issues with payment or non-compliant ads

How is my budget distributed throughout my campaign duration? trending_flat

Campaign budget is distributed evenly across the campaign duration

Do my ads run on Spotify? trending_flat

We are not partnered with Spotify at the moment in terms of providing their owned and operated inventory for purchase on AudioGO. BUT, AudioGO podcast ads will run on the Spotify player if a listen...

Can I edit my ad campaign after launch? trending_flat

Like most adtech platforms, you too have the ability to edit campaigns at any time along the way with AudioGO. Just find the ad campaign you wish to edit and click 'Edit Campaign.' You wi...

Can I pause or stop my ad campaign after launch? trending_flat

If you wish to stop or pause a live ad campaign, simply: Visit your dashboard, or click 'My dashboard' In the left side of that view, you'll find a green toggle next to where ...

How do I fix my underperforming campaign? trending_flat

Campaigns can under perform or under deliver in case of a much too narrow targeting. A quick fix would be broadening the targeting

User Management

User management - AudioGO

What are the types of users in AudioGO? trending_flat

Account owners can assign multiple users with any of the following three permissions: full-access, edit or view. Permission-type determines the level of access to an account's ...

How do I add a new user to my AudioGO account? trending_flat

To start adding users to your AudioGO account, click your username in the top-right corner of

How do I remove access to a user in my account? trending_flat

You can remove the access rights of any user from your AudioGO account ONLY if you are the account owner or a full access member. To do so, visit the User Management screen from your dashboa...

How do I change the access level to a user in my account? trending_flat

To edit user permissions, visit the User Management screen from your dashboard's username menu > click on the three dots button next to the user whose access you want changed > select “Edit p...

I have multiple AudioGO accounts. Can I give access to all of them to a single user? trending_flat

Unfortunately, you can NOT invite an email address to access multiple AudioGO accounts at this moment. Instead, we suggest you create different email aliases for that one user.

Can I, as an account administrator, reset the password of a user? trending_flat

Learn if account administrators can reset user passwords on AudioGO.

Who receives communications and billing notifications? trending_flat

The account contact email is the address we send all our notifications to. Team members won’t receive any of the notifications that are sent to an account contact. By default, the account contact e...

Conversion Tracking

Conversion Tracking with AudioGO Pixel

What is a Tracking Pixel? trending_flat

A tracking pixel is a URL used to track ad impressions. Tracking pixels enable you to collect information about user behavior, which helps you to make...

Why is it important to check if third parties can identify multiple user agents? trending_flat

A User-Agent (UA) is an alphanumeric string passed in HTTP headers to identify the 'agent' or program making a web request for an asset and offering information about the software and hardware runn...

Why is it important to check if third parties can support server-side ad delivery? trending_flat

Depending on the ad delivery method (server-side or client-side), discrepancies may arise in reporting. While client-side delivery generally supports seamless 3rd party tracking, some gaps may occu...

How do I add third-party impression tracking URLs? trending_flat

Once you get your third-party impression tracking URLs from the tracking vendor of your choice, you can simply add it to your ad. You ca...

What is a conversion? trending_flat

Discover what constitutes a conversion in the realm of audio advertising.

Why don’t I see the option to enable 3rd Party Tracking for Audio Ads? trending_flat

This feature is available for Agency accounts only. To request an agency account please email

When is the third-party impression pixel fired? trending_flat

For server-side reporting, the publisher player requests an audio stream from the AdsWizz streaming server. The server sends audio content with inserted ads to the player and then sends an impressi...

What Macros can I use for third-party impression tracking? trending_flat

AdsWizz macros in a URL are placeholders that AudioGO replaces with specific parameter values from an ad request to dynamically assign values before calling the URL. Here are the macros used for im...

What is the AudioGO Pixel? trending_flat

The AudioGO Pixel is a snippet of HTML code that's added to your website to track and measure conversions<...

What does the AudioGO Pixel track? trending_flat

This version of the AudioGO Pixel specifically tracks total and unique visits to a website or webpage after a person listens to an audio ad (conversion), whether that is by clicking the companion b...

Which page(s) on my website should I add the AudioGO Pixel? trending_flat

We recommend adding the pixel to the website or webpage that you are promoting in your audio ad campaign. This can be a home page or a specific landing page that you would like the listeners of you...

How do I enable the AudioGO Pixel with my AudioGO campaign? trending_flat

You can enable the AudioGO Pixel without including Display Retargeting by selecting the Conversion Tracking option at the bottom of your campa...

How do I install the AudioGO Pixel? trending_flat

How do I install the AudioGO Pixel on my website? The AudioG...

What data or reporting is provided if I enable Conversion Tracking with the AudioGO Pixel? trending_flat

Currently you can track total conversions or website/webpage visits, which may include the same person clicking on multiple pages on your website or webpage. As well as Unique Conversions which wou...

How can I check to see if the AudioGO Pixel was installed correctly? trending_flat

To check if the AudioGO Pixel was installed correctly and is working properly, here’s what you'll need to do: 1. Open the developer tools on your web browser (Ctrl+Shift+I o...

How do I add the AudioGO pixel to my Wix website? trending_flat

You can add the AudioGO pixel to your Wix website by following the steps below: Get your AudioGO pixel code from the campaign window by pushing ...

How do I upload the pixel to a Shopify site? trending_flat

To use the pixel on a Shopify site please do the following:

Agency Accounts

One Dashboard to Power them All

Can I create an agency account during the signup process? trending_flat

Yes, we've introduced a new toggle to identify agency customers during the signup process. This toggle automatically enables agency-level features and sets your IAB category for advertising.

How can I upgrade to an agency account? trending_flat

Simply go to ‘My account’ menu and expand the new ‘Agency account’ option, then press the ‘Upgrade to Agency account‘ button. If you don’t have this option visible, please contact us via

How can I add new advertisers? trending_flat

Once you’ve upgraded to an agency account, you’ll see a new ‘Advertisers’ link in the top-left menu, next to ‘Reporting’. In the ‘Advertisers’ management page, click the ‘Add new advertiser’ button...

How do I create campaigns per advertiser? trending_flat

Create a new campaign like you normally do, by going to ‘My dashboard’ and clicking on the ‘Create new campaign’ button. In the campaign details, you can now select the previously defined advertise...

How do I manage the campaigns per advertiser? trending_flat

In your dashboard you can filter the campaigns for a specific advertiser by using the new ‘Advertiser’ dropdown list, next to the ‘Filter by date’ option. You can see the campaigns for all advertis...

How do I create reports per advertiser? trending_flat

In the ‘Reporting’ page, click the ‘Create new report’ button and select the specific advertiser from the new ‘For Which Advertiser’ dropdown list. Should you want to see the reports you crea...

Can I use a different payment card for each advertiser? trending_flat

Yes, you can define different payment cards for advertisers. Should you want advertisers to manage their payment options, you need to invite them to c...

Can I invite another user to manage my agency account? trending_flat

Yes, you can invite a new user and assign one of the following permissions: ‘Agency Owner’ – if you want the new user to manage all advertisers; ...

Podcast Ads

Run ads on top podcast shows with AudioGO

Do my podcast ads run on Apple's Podcast player? trending_flat

Yes! Most of the shows in our network are available on the Apple Podcast player. Meaning your podcast ad can and most likely will run on the Apple Podcast player. You can view the break down of impres...

Where do my podcast ads run? trending_flat

AudioGO has partnered with the top podcast publishers in the US and Canada, including SiriusXM Podcast Network, Stitcher, Team Coco, NBC, OWN, Freako...