How to properly make use of the destination URL

Adding display banners to your campaign gives listeners the opportunity to click on your ad. Setting up the right Destination URL ensures the optimal listener experience and ultimately contributes to better converting visitors to leads.

Some good examples of a destination URL may include:

  • the address of your campaign's Landing Page
  • your website home page or product page
  • a page where listeners can book a meeting with you or call you directly
  • your company's social media page

It's important the the Destination URL meets general requirements and it's valid (i.e.: starts with https://).

For tracking purposes we recommend adding UTM parameters to your campaign URL's that will help you attribute the traffic to your campaign sources. To create a tracking URL you can use this handy tracking URL builder by AudioGO.

Please bear in mind that in Audio Advertising, not all visits happen through clicks, so expect to see unattributed visits from listeners hearing your ad and subsequently visiting your website, possibly also from another device.

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