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  • What's campaign budget?

    A campaign's budget is an objective expressed as an amount given in a certain currency

  • What is campaign spend?

    Campaign spend is a real time value of the amount expressed in a given currency, that a campaign has spent so far

  • What is a companion banner?

    Companion banners are image ads that usually run alongside other advertising mediums, like audio or video

  • What is CPM?

    CPM (cost per mille) is cost per one thousands impressions in an advertising campaign

  • What is CTR?

    CTR or Click Through Rate represents a ratio between total clicks and eligible display impressions and is represented as a percentage

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  • What is an impression?

    An impression is recorded every time your ad is played. By the number of impressions you can determine how often your ad is being listened to

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  • What is LTR?

    LTR or Listen Through Rate is the ratio between the number of ads listened through to the end to the number of ads played

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  • What is campaign pacing

    Pacing represents the model that is used for calculating the share of impressions required to reach a campaign goal

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  • What is reach?

    Reach is the number of unique listeners that heard an ad from an audio campaign. It can also be referred to as the total number of "unique listeners"