How much does AudioGO cost?

Pay as you go: campaigns for any budget. Big or Small

Start by selecting your budget:

$ 1250

Select your campaign type:

Select your targeting criteria:

Based on your selection you can get up to:

15,000 ad plays

Conversion estimates

9,900 Unique listners

114 Conversions

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These are estimated values. Actuals may vary subject to your campaign targeting


Unlike traditional radio advertising, AudioGO audio advertising is priced per CPM, or thousand ad plays. This means that your campaign cost will scale proportionally to your reach and frequency. The base CPM is $18 USD, and can go slightly up depending on whether you choose to target specific behavioural segments. Read more on how AudioGO stacks up to FM/AM Radio.

How much should I spend?

This highly depends on your advertiser profile,
but here’s a ballpark to get you going

DIY Marketer
Established Business
Marketing Agency
Media Agency


Getting started with advertising my own or my friend’s business.

Having in-house marketing specialists that focus on acquisition

Managing the customer’s online presence, helping them grow their business

Managing large nationwide customers


- Getting visits to my website

- Getting users to download my app

- Getting more pick-up orders for my restaurant

- Promoting my podcast

- Add Audio Advertising to the digital mix

- Increase traffic, conversion or footfall

- Deploy a multi-channel campaign strategy

- Enhance brand-awareness of locally established brands

- Execute media planning and custom campaigns

- Combining ATL and BTL strategies


Precise, locally-defined demographic

Growing customer base, reaching customers on the go

Precise demographic targeting, behavioural segmentation

Extended demographics, custom publishers or shows


- 18 $ Streaming

- 20 $ Podcast

- 18 $ Streaming

- 20 $ Podcast

- 18 $ Streaming

- 20 $ Podcast

- 18 $ Streaming

- 20 $ Podcast


Credit Card

Credit Card

Credit Card

Credit Card, Invoicing, Pre-payment


AudioGO advertising operates on a CPM pricing structure, charging you per thousand ad plays. This means that your campaign costs will flex according to your reach and frequency. The baseline CPM stands at $18 USD, with a potential slight adjustment should you decide to target specific behavioural segments.


How do I create an audio ad?

We're here to make audio advertising simple - and we're happy to help you create great audio ads. If you don't already have an ad, you can choose from one of our two options:

Produced Voice ad - Request a professionally recorded audio ad by real voice actors in less than 24 hours and for only $10.

Synthetic Voice ad - Create audio ads on the spot, completely free that are generated instantly with the help of lifelike synthetic voice technology.

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