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In a digital world where every voice counts, AudioGO stands out as your go-to platform for impactful audio advertising. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, our platform is designed to make audio advertising accessible, effective, and efficient.

How it works


Create an account

Start by creating your free AudioGO account. Signing up is quick, easy, and requires just a few basic details about you and your business.

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Build your campaign

Choose Your Budget: With minimums as low as $250, select a budget that fits your needs.

Schedule Your Campaign: Decide when your ads will run, choosing specific hours and days as needed.


Create Your Ad

Upload Your Audio: If you already have an ad, simply upload it.

Use Our Creative Services: For just $10, our team can craft a professional audio ad for you read by real voice actors.

Or generate a free ad instantly with our lifelike synthetic voice technology option.

Music / Podcast
Behavioral segments



Target Your Audience

From basic targeting options like location (down to zip code), age, gender, device, time of day

To more narrow targeting options like music/podcast genres, interests and behavioral segments


Launch and Monitor

Go Live: Once you’re ready, launch your campaign with a click.

Real-Time Monitoring: Track your ad’s performance live.

Frequently asked questions

You’ve got questions. We have answers!

No audio ad? In app creative tools
If you don’t have an ad, our creative team can produce a studio quality ad for you in under 24h
Looking for flexibility? Edit or pause campaign
AudioGO allows you to optimize your campaign at any point: start, stop, edit on the fly. You're in the drivers seat ;-)
Have questions? We're here to help
If you need help getting started or have questions about your campaign reach out to our support team via our in app chat tool or book a meeting with a customer success rep by emailing - we're here to help!

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