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AudioGO vs Spotify Advertising

AudioGO is a self-serve audio ad buying platform that allows you to run ads on the top streaming music, radio and podcast apps with ease. See how we compare with Spotify Advertising.

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US Ad Enabled Listeners

AudioGO's audience network has the highest % of ad enabled listeners available to self serve audio advertisers in the US


100M+ Streaming listeners, 64M+ Podcast listeners


51.3M Total1

Source: 1. Spotify metrics, Q4 2023

Premium Publishers

AudioGO inventory includes top streaming music, radio, gaming, and podcast apps/players, as well as the top Spanish speaking publishers in the US


and more!


Targeting Listeners

AudioGO provides advertisers with hundreds of more industry leading targeting options than Spotify


Location (down to zip code), age, gender, device, music/talk genre.
300+ Podcast audience options
200+ Streaming audience options


Location, age, gender, genre, fan base (only to artist or event)
26 interests options
10 context categories

Pricing Model

AudioGO's fixed pricing CPM allows advertisers to more effectively control and manage budgets, while still allowing them to better hit their spend goals compared to the Spotify bid CPM

Fixed CPM



We take pride in providing our customers with top notch email, in app chat and in person support to make sure you're getting the most out of your AudioGO experience


In app chat, email, FAQ help center, contact form, account manager service


FAQ help center, contact form

Custom Ad Creation

Like Spotify, AudioGO offers easy and convenient professional ad creation services to our advertisers

Professional production service
24-48 hour turn around time
Revision request options
Background track options
Free AI Voice option

Professional production service
24-48 hour turn around time
Revision request options
Background track options
Creative editing studio


AudioGO's display retargeting allows advertisers to supercharge engagement metrics like clicks by reconnecting with people who have already listened to your ad





Podcast Campaign

Only want to reach podcast listeners? You can with AudioGO's podcast specific campaign setup. Allowing you to build a better podcast friendly ad campaign that drives results.


Podcast and streaming specific campaign setup


Campaigns mixed between streaming and podcast or automatically set based on targeting

Conversion Pixel

Go beyond clicks and learn how to measure ALL the ad listeners who visit your website with our new AudioGO Pixel.


In house audio conversion tracking pixel with easy download and self serve setup in app


Allows 3rd party view-ability measurement but only for video ads

Why Choose AudioGO over Spotify Advertising

Are you tired of the limitations that come with Spotify advertising?
Discover AudioGO, the one-stop solution for all your audio advertising needs.


Reach a Larger Audience

While Spotify boasts a large user base, AudioGO takes it a step further with a network that includes not just music streamers but also podcast and radio listeners.


Podcast-Specific Campaigns

If podcasts are your focus, AudioGO allows you to create campaigns specifically tailored for podcast listeners.


Budget-Friendly Solutions

Our fixed CPM pricing model allows you to control your advertising budget effectively, unlike the unpredictable bid CPMs in Spotify.


Unmatched Customer Support

We pride ourselves on offering top-notch customer support through various channels, ensuring you make the most out of your advertising campaigns.


Innovative Retargeting Features

Engage your audience like never before with our display retargeting features, something that Spotify advertising lacks.


Precision Targeting

Say goodbye to generic targeting options. With AudioGO, you can target your audience down to zip code, age, gender, and even musical preferences.

Customers who prefer AudioGO to Spotify Advertising


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Frequently asked questions

You’ve got questions. We have answers!

Can I choose which show or network to run my ads on?
While you can't target a specific show or network, you can target a specific listening audience based on their location, demographics, device, genres, and hundreds of different interests, activities, and user personas.
How much does AudioGO cost?
We charge a base CPM (1,000 impressions) of $18 USD/CAD for streaming campaigns, which includes FREE location, gender, age, device, and genre targeting. For podcast campaigns, that base CPM is $20 USD/CAD.

Certain targeting options will also increase that CPM of your campaigns, specifically: behavioral targeting (streaming-only), Predictive Audiences (podcast-only), and ad positioning (podcast-only). Any changes to the CPM will be displayed in the Audience Guide as you update your targeting.
Can I speak to someone directly?
Yes, you sure can! Feel free to reach out to hello@audiogo.com or via our in-app live chat to speak to one of our Customer Success Managers.