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AudioGO offers you both. Start advertising on the stations you love and discover the vast world of podcasts and streaming services ready for your message. Your audience is listening, make sure you’re heard.”

Why choose AudioGO over Terrestrial Radio

Unlike traditional radio advertising, which lacks customer targeting options and performance data, digital radio advertising provides businesses a more effective way to amplify their message, build brand awareness, and drive sales.

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Terrestrial Radio Ads

Audience Reach

Digital audio is highly personalized and can be tailored to the preferences of individual users.


Digital audio is delivered to your device directly or on-demand. It targets a single listener or a specific group of listeners based on their choices


Terrestrial radio has a broad audience reach, depending on the transmission power of the station and its geographic coverage


Digital audio’s easy accessibility, wide range of content, and multiple platforms is drawing huge audiences.


73% of people who consumed digital audio (2022)


38% of people who consumed radio (2022)

Time Spent

Consumers are spending less time with terrestrial radio in place of digital audio.


1:40 spent listening to digital audio (2022)


1:23 spent listening to terrestrial radio (2022)

Getting Started

AudioGO's self serve platform allows advertisers to get their digital radio ad up and running in a matter of minutes.


Online self serve platform, in app creative services, in chat app and email customer support


Multi step sales process, creative process and launch

Precise Targeting

Digital audio allows advertisers to target specific demographics, interests, and behaviors, ensuring their message reaches the right audience and not dependent on a specific stations audience.


Target by location (State, DMA, City, County, Zip code), age, gender, device, music/radio genres, and hundreds of interests and statuses


No specific targeting outside of audience of radio station

Real Time Reporting

Advertisers can access detailed analytics and insights, including impression counts, engagement rates, and conversion data, to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns.


Real time breakdown of impressions, listen through rates, clicks by targeting criteria, and radio publishers.


Limited end of campaign reporting

Pricing Model

Digital audio advertising offers more cost-efficient pricing models compared to traditional radio, making it more budget-friendly for advertisers.


Pay as you go, no minimum commitments


Usually minimum budget and flight time requirements

Real-Time Optimization

With digital audio advertisers can adjust their campaigns in real time based on performance data, allowing for quick optimizations to maximize ROI.


Fully editable campaigns that can be optimized at any point during flight


Editing running radio ad involves several steps and depends on various factors, including your agreement with station, length of the campaign, and the specific changes


Digital audio ads can include interactive elements, calls to action, enhancing user engagement and conversion potential


Clickable links in ads, tracking pixel for web visits, audience retargeting


Limited to no interactivity outside of verbal call to action in radio ad

Ad Skip-ability

Many digital audio platforms offer non-skippable ad formats, ensuring that listeners can't easily bypass the ad content.


On average, AudioGO ads have 90%+ listen through rate tracked in app


Terrestrial radio listener can bypass ad at any point

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Frequently asked questions

You’ve got questions. We have answers!

Can I choose which show or network to run my ads on?
While you can't target a specific show or network, you can target a specific listening audience based on their location, demographics, device, genres, and hundreds of different interests, activities, and user personas.
How much does AudioGO cost?
We charge a base CPM (1,000 impressions) of $18 USD/CAD for streaming campaigns, which includes FREE location, gender, age, device, and genre targeting. For podcast campaigns, that base CPM is $20 USD/CAD.

Certain targeting options will also increase that CPM of your campaigns, specifically: behavioral targeting (streaming-only), Predictive Audiences (podcast-only), and ad positioning (podcast-only). Any changes to the CPM will be displayed in the Audience Guide as you update your targeting.
Can I speak to someone directly?
Yes, you sure can! Feel free to reach out to or via our in-app live chat to speak to one of our Customer Success Managers.