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Amplify your message on SiriusXM, a premier radio streaming giant, and extend your reach across 20+ other popular networks. Select from over 300 ad targeting options to precisely connect with your audience. Get started for as little as $250, all conveniently in ONE place.


Advertise on SiriusXM
About SiriusXM

About SiriusXM

Expand your reach with SiriusXM, a leader in satellite radio. Engage with over 150 million listeners monthly, offering diverse demographics for targeted advertising. SiriusXM's wide-ranging content ensures your small business connects with the right audience, enhancing brand presence and driving results through effective audio advertising. Popular shows include: The Howard Stern Show, Fresh Air, Wait Wait...Don't Tell me!, and the Dave Ramsey Show. Leverage this network to place your brand at the center of hot topics, entertainment, and lively conversations.

Advertising on SiriusXM


Ages 25 to 54


2.5h avg hours


34M+ Listeners


150+ channels


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Creating an audio campaign with AudioGO is as easy as 1-2-3


Set your budget, schedule

Any hour in the day, any day in the week. And with minimums as low as $250, it’s never been this affordable to advertise on top streaming apps.


Upload your audio

Or just submit a script to have us create a professionally made advertisement for you - in under 24 hours and for just $10.


Choose your audience

Target your listeners by age, gender, location, language music or podcast genre, and up to60 different interests and user statuses.

Frequently asked questions

You’ve got questions. We have answers!

How do I get started?

To get started with AudioGO: visit, click the Sign Up button and complete the registration form. We will email you a link to confirm your account.

Then you simply upload your creative, select your target audience, enter your budget, and go. Your campaign will begin running that same day.

If you don't have an audio ad, we can create one for you!

What is AudioGO?

AudioGO is a self-serve advertising platform that makes it easy for any business to create, schedule, and run audio ads on streaming apps like Pandora, SoundCloud, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, Univision, and more.

With AudioGO, you can:

  • Build an audio ad campaign in less than 5 minutes, for as little as $250
  • Create a new audio ad from scratch
  • Reach a target audience of your choosing
  • Track and manage campaign reporting in your own personal dashboard

Get started today at

Where will my campaigns run in the US?

Currently, our streaming publisher partners include PandoraiHeartRadioTuneIn, Sonos, SoundCloud, CumulusCox Media Group, Univision, SBS, and Entravision. As well as top podcast publishers, including SiriusXM Podcast Network, Stitcher, Team Coco, NBC, OWN, FreakonomicsBarstool Sports, PodcastOne, DailyWire, Sony Music, Discovery+, Washington Post, New York Times and new partners are being added regularly. For an updated list of publishers please visit our publisher directory page.

The distribution of your ads will vary on the targeting criteria you set. For example, if you select music genre targeting, most of your impressions will run on Pandora as they specialize in music streaming. If you're creating podcast ad campaigns, your ad will go exclusively to podcast content publishers.