AudioGO Synthetic Voice Ads: The Latest Addition to Our Self-Serve Ad Creative Suite

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If you’re running audio ads, we bet that generating higher-quality leads and building brand awareness is top-of-mind. 

To make these goals more attainable, AudioGO has made major improvements to our current Creative Services toolkit. By adding Synthetic Voice Ads to our current Produced Voice Ads offering, you now have multiple options to create high-quality, effective audio ads for your campaigns.

Keep reading to learn what each offers and how to select which is best for you, whether you’re looking to advertise with our premium publishers or make your audio creative process simple—regardless of the number of resources available.

But first, let’s discuss our latest addition: Synthetic Voice Ads.

81% of podcast listeners take action based on the ads they hear, similar to streaming music ads. So ensure your campaign entices an impactful outcome by stepping up your audio ads with either a Synthetic Voice Ad or a Produced Voice Ad. See what’s best for your needs:

Synthetic Voice Ads: Completely Free and Fast

  • Free. No strings attached.
  • Select from a variety of 14 realistic, artificial voices to help you quickly create a 30-second ad campaign on one platform.
  • Can be used for a podcast or streaming music ad (streaming music comes with background music, no additional charge.)
  • Change your script and make multiple ad versions without delay.
  • Perfect for seasonal promotions or last-minute giveaways. (Want to change your audio from your “Thanksgiving” giveaway to “Christmas”? It’s easy!)
  • Receive your audio ad within seconds.
  • Part of a suite of offerings that AdsWizz calls Adswizz’s AI Ad Tools.

Synthetic Voice Ad Sample



Produced Ads: There’s a Voice for Every Ad

  • Remove the need and expense of a production team entirely and easily create a 30-second ad on one platform.
  • Have a professional podcast or streaming ad (with background music and compelling voiceovers) in under 48 hours for just $10.
  • Customize to your liking with flexible revisions.
  • Select English or Spanish professional-level language ads for young adults or middle-aged voices.

Both Synthetic Voice and Produced Ads offer:

  • Seamless integration into AudioGO’s existing audio creative request workflow.
  • Help maintain a consistent brand voice across different ad campaigns and platforms.

Complimentary to this, our campaign creation flow allows:

  • Access to Audience Guide, which allows you to choose your target audience by age, gender, time, location, music or podcast genre, and over 200 other interests.
  • A way to easily monitor performance, get insights, and optimize in real-time with up-to-the-minute data and live analytics.

“The voices are high quality and sound just like a human-read ad. The tool is easy to use, and it helps us create campaigns in minutes, with a professional-sounding ad that we can generate in seconds! We plan on using this tool for our upcoming audio advertising needs.”PSSI

But there's more.

Podcast vs. Streaming: What’s Best for You? 

The differences between advertising on a podcast vs. streaming often go unnoticed—but they’re game changers. 

AudioGO offers both options, with varying capabilities. Let’s go more in-depth about each type of campaign: 

If you’d like your ad to include background music, streaming ads are for you. Choose from 10+ background tracks (all royalty-free, of course) that align with your target music genre, or choose a track that further matches your brand identity.

If your ad calls for a more native feel (sans music), select a podcast ad. With Synthetic or Produced Voice Ad, you can choose a voice that aligns with your brand or target content for a seamless, relevant listening experience. 

What Else Can You Find Within Creative Services

Need some help getting motivated? Get the creative juices flowing with our Ad Inspiration page. It’s where all of our top ads live to motivate you on your ad-creating journey.


Ads Inspo


Search by your industry and/or campaign type to see how chart-performing ads reached the top—including the exact script they used, targeting criteria, and ad performance. 

Put It Into Action 

Creating a successful (and fun!) audio campaign can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. That’s why we built our Ad Creative Suite: choose Synthetic Voice or Produced Ad and then use our Ad Inspiration page as a tool for innovation. 

Get your message heard and connect with your audience by allowing yourself the opportunity to create and easily customize audio campaigns in just a few steps. 

Plus, you can say goodbye to the audio ad production barriers that may have once held you back. 

Ready to try it for yourself?