Start creating audio campaigns in minutes by following a few simple steps

Audio advertising just got much easier with AudioGO. You can create a campaign quickly and effectively by using your own ad or by requesting one recorded by our professional creative studio. You pay simply in-app via credit card meaning it is completely self served

Where will my campaigns run?

Currently, our publisher partners include Pandora, iHeartRadio,...

Can I select a single publisher?

You are not able to select a single publisher at this present time. But if you select musi...

How do my ads get approved?

Ads running on AudioGO need to comply to our ad guidelines. Make sure your ad fits the requirements to ensure a smooth operation

How many impressions and listeners will I reach with my targeting criteria?

The number of impressions and unique listeners you reach depend on the budget and targeting crite...

What are your audio ad specs?

AudioGO accepts audio clips up to 30 seconds long in one of the supported formats (mp3, wav, aac, wma and ogg)

How does day parting work?

Day parting allows you to select the hours of the day your ad will play to listeners in their loc...

How to use display banners with your audio ads

You can upload up to three banners to accompany your ad. We recommend making use of all three dimensions

How long will my ad run?

You can select your campaign start and end dates when setting up your audio campaign. You c...

How to use Audience Guide to correctly size my audience?

Audience Guide is AudioGO's inventory forecasting tool which uses past info to predict available inventory for your campaigns

How to optimize targeting if my audience is broad?

A broad audience coupled with smaller budgets will generally result in successful campaigns but you may want to consider exploring more precise targeting to match your campaign objective

How to fix targeting when my audience is too narrow?

Narrow audiences usually result in campaigns not being able to fully deliver on their budgets and might not fulfill their goal. It is thus important to fix this by opening up your reach

How to set the right budget for my campaign?

Set a budget for the entire duration of your campaign. The amount will be split across all days your ad will run through

How does campaign scheduling work?

Specify when your campaign should automatically start and end

How do I specify exactly when I want my ads to run?

To define exactly the time of day and days of the week you want your ads to air, you need to enable hourly scheduling

How to properly make use of the destination URL

The destination URL is the complete web address of your landing page for listeners that click on your banners

How to design your banners online in minutes

With our integration with Canva, you can design display banners yourself in minutes