How to use Audience Guide to correctly size my audience?

Audience Guide is a tool aimed at helping advertisers correctly size their targeting to match their budget and campaign objectives. It is a forecast function meaning that is uses past data to predict availability of inventory in the near future.

Depending on the campaign variables that you set which include budget, scheduled dates and audience, audience guide will give you an estimation of how many impressions and unique listeners are available for your selected criteria and a recommendation of audience sizing according to your budget. Understanding these recommendations can be crucial for your campaign’s overall success and for future optimizations.

These recommendations roughly fall between one of these 3 categories:

  • Your audience selection is too broad
  • Your audience selection is just right
  • Your audience selection is too narrow

In case the audience you’ve selected is too broad you should take some measures to either increase your budget or filter your audience even further to size it accordingly. While this is not a problem in itself you may want to read more about this recommendation on our blog.

If your audience is okay, you’ve done a good job at applying targeting criteria and you’re hitting the sweet spot of audience size compared to your budget. You may want to explore slightly increasing the budget to reach an even greater audience.

When you find yourself with a much too narrow audience, you should definitely review the targeting and take some action, as in this situation most campaigns will end underdelivering and not meeting their objectives. A quick fix is to open up your audience to reach more listeners.

Keep in mind that these are only recommendations and they will not prevent you from running your campaign whatsoever. To keep up with campaign optimization tips and tricks and audio advertising in general you may want to subscribe to the AudioGO audio advertising blog.

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