How do I fix my underperforming campaign?

An underperforming campaign will most likely result in not being able to play your ads the designated amount of times.

If you find that your campaign is underperforming, please let us know immediately. But before you do so, make sure to check...

  • Your targeting selection: it might be a case of it being too narrow. Here's the fix for that:
  • Your payment method: it might be a case of your credit card being declined, thereby pausing your ad. Here's how to update your payment details if needed:
  • If you have hourly scheduling enabled, make sure you did not opt-in for a very aggressive scenario. If your campaign is set to deliver impressions only within a few hours a day the reach of population is proportional. Try to open up the delivery window by adding more hours and/or experiment by turning off hourly scheduling.
  • It’s also perfectly normal for your campaign to underperform within the first couple hours of it going live - it’s just getting integrated into our network of audio publishers - but if it continues to underperform after 24 hours, you’re going to want to follow the instructions highlighted above to fix it.

If neither of these apply to your campaign, again, please email us for further assistance.

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