How is my budget distributed throughout my campaign duration?

Our systems strive to distribute your budget evenly across your campaign flight dates.
For example, if you set a $500 budget for a campaign to run for a number of 5 days, you can expect to record an actual campaign spend of roughly $100 each day. Please bear in mind that:

  • spending your entire budget greatly depends on your targeting rules. Read more about setting the right budget and targeting by using our audience guide
  • budget distribution can depend on listeners dynamics, so it may not always be exactly equal across all days. For example, you can expect more listeners to be active during weekdays than weekends, thus your actual reach may vary
  • if you're targeting a very narrow audience, you may end up spending less than your desired goal. As a reminder, you'll only be charged for what you spend
  • The budget you set is the maximum you'll spend for that campaign. You'll never end up spending more
  • If you notice that during a certain day you have recorded fewer impressions, AudioGO will try to compensate for the gap within the next days so that your campaign goal will be reached by the end of the campaign

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