Everything you need to know about managing and optimizing your live ad campaign

Like most adtech platforms, AudioGO also allows you to edit and optimize your live campaign at any time along the way by using data and insights to feed into your improvement hypotheses

How do I fix my underperforming campaign?

Campaigns can under perform or under deliver in case of a much too narrow targeting. A quick fix would be broadening the targeting

Can I edit my ad campaign after launch?

Like most adtech platforms, you too have the ability to edit campaigns at any time along the way ...

Can I pause or stop my ad campaign after launch?

If you wish to stop or pause a live ad campaign, simply: Visit your dashboard, or cl...

How is my budget distributed throughout my campaign duration?

Campaign budget is distributed evenly across the campaign duration

Why did my campaign end up not spending the entire budget?

Campaigns can underdeliver for a set of reasons including: narrow targeting, issues with payment or non-compliant ads