How to fix targeting when my audience is too narrow?

When creating new campaigns in AudioGO it is important to acknowledge when your targeting is too strict resulting in a very narrow audience. This is highlighted by Audience Guide with a recommendation to broaden your audience.

Attaining this is very easy and you have two major levers:

  1. Extend your campaign duration: to optimize listener experience there is a daily cap on how many ads a single listener can receive in a single day. Extending your campaign duration will open up more opportunities for your ads to be played and possibly an increase in unique listeners
  2. Broaden your targeting criteria: strict targeting criteria – especially when combined – can result in too few unique listeners and impressions. Opening this up is as easy as targeting a greater location, selecting more age or gender demographic groups, and / or adding more music genres to your targeting mix. Explore different options and watch the Audience Guide provide you with real time updates until you hit the right spot

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