How to optimize targeting if my audience is broad?

When creating new campaigns, AudioGO’s Audience Guide feature may prompt you with recommendations about sizing your audience to match your budget or the other way around. While these are only suggestions, here’s how to interpret them.

If your audience is fairly broad it means that your targeting criteria are not very strict and the audience you have defined is comprised of much more listeners than your budget can effectively reach. While this is okay for reach campaigns where you want to address as many listeners as possible according to your campaign budget, it also means that listeners will likely hear your ad only once. Whereas for an awareness campaign you will likely want the same listeners to hear your ad multiple times to build up on that message. The way you control this is by narrowing down your audience by applying more strict targeting rules such as location targeting, demographics by age or gender or by determining the music genres your target audience is more likely to listen to.

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