What are the Podcast Ad Creative Guidelines?

To ensure the best listener experience, and that your message fits the podcast environment, AudioGO ads are subject to the specific guidelines listed below:
  • Music, sound effects, and mnemonics/sonic logos are allowed, however we STRONGLY RECOMMEND against running ads with disruptive music and sound effects.
    • Not allowed: sirens, tire squeals, car honks, crashes, screams, etc.
    • Announcer Reads should be tailored for the podcast listening environment. 
    • Why? This ensures the ad will be minimally disruptive to podcast listeners, and compliant with requirements across the many publishers and shows in the AudioGO audience network.
  • May not include “click” or “tap” CTA. 
    • Why? Podcast ads do not support companion banners or include any clickable display component in the actual podcast ad like streaming ads.
  • Ad should be read at a casual, conversational pace
    • Recommended target = 35 words for a :15 script, 70 words for a :30 script
    • No disruptive voice-over elements (shouting, character voices, etc.)
    • No time-compressed audio or sped legal disclaimers
    • Why? This ensures the ad will be minimally disruptive to podcast listeners, and the advertiser’s message is well received.
Any ads that include the elements listed above could be subjected to being blocked by some or even all of our premium podcast publishers. If you have an ad or script that may not be well suited for podcast ads, you have the following options:
  1. Reach out to our support team to review the ad and run it by our ad approval team for feedback.
  2. Use AudioGO's creative services to create a new podcast friendly ad, for only $10!
Please be sure to follow these creative guidelines to ensure your podcast ad is taking advantage of the full reach and power of the AudioGO podcast audience network.

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