How to set the right budget for my campaign?

Setting the right budget can be a key aspect for running a successful campaign. Here are the most important things to know about how campaign budgeting works in AudioGO:

  • minimum campaign budget starts at $250 or $300CAD
  • you can explore budgets ranging from a few hundred dollars up to several thousands
  • the budget you set is distributed throughout your campaign duration
  • your budget will dictate how many listeners and impressions you will reach
  • AudioGO charges a base CPM rate of $18. That's 18 dollars for every 1000 ads played. That's less than 2 cents per impression
  • you'll only be charged for your actual campaign spend and we do that gradually until the budget is reached or the campaign ends

To learn more about how the budget is distributed across your campaign date range, you can consult this resource.
Also, due to certain reasons, campaigns sometimes do not fulfill the entire budget objective; but rest assured, we only bill for the actual campaign spend.

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