What are the available campaign goals?

Based on the selected primary campaign objective, the platform recommends the best audio ad strategies, placements, and targeting options to achieve that specific goal. 
Here are the available options:

  1. Brand Awareness: Boost brand recall through frequent exposure to diverse audiences for top-of-mind consideration.

    Note: To increase brand recall, your ad is delivered multiple times to each listener.

  2. Brand Reach: Maximize your brand’s exposure to the widest range of unique listeners.

    Note: To reach a wide audience, your ad is delivered only once to each listener.

  3. Website traffic: Direct interested listeners to your website with optimized banner retargeting on click-enabled devices.

    Note: Your campaign will target banner-enabled publishers on streaming platforms, exclusively focusing on devices capable of click actions (excluding smart speakers). In the case of podcasts, banner delivery is contingent on retargeting activation.

  4. Conversions: Convert visitors into customers through purchases or form submissions on your landing page.

    Note: This goal disables smart speakers inventory and measures conversions.

  5. Store traffic: Drive listeners to visit your physical location, enhancing customer engagement and loyalty.

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