How many background track types are available for Streaming synthetic voices?

The following 27 background tracks are currently available:

  1. (Classical) Lucky Pets
  2. (Classical) Figure It Out
  3. (Classical) Pizzi Caper
  4. (Classical) Creating A Masterpiece
  5. (Club/Electronica) Give Up The Night
  6. (Club/Electronica) Light Parade
  7. (Country) City Girl Country Boy
  8. (Country) Keep Thinking Keep Drinking
  9. (Country) Soak Up The Sunshine
  10. (Country) Twang Time
  11. (Dance) Shine
  12. (Folk) Sunshine In Spring
  13. (Folk) Cushion boogie
  14. (Hip Hop) Booty Booming
  15. (Hip Hop) Barbaric Splendor
  16. (Hip Hop) Massive Mama Jama
  17. (Hip Hop) Crowd Pleaser
  18. (Indie) Snappy And Happy
  19. (Indie) Blueprint Design
  20. (Jazz) One More Time
  21. (Jazz) Walking in Birdland
  22. (Jazz) Diggy Diggy Do
  23. (Latin) In the Calle
  24. (Latin) Con Tumbao
  25. (Latin) Como Animales
  26. (Percussion) Bucket Boys
  27. (Percussion) Technicolor Dreams

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