How many languages and voice types are available for synthetic voices?

Currently, English is the only supported language, with 14 voice types available. Using a promotional style, these voices are energetic, enthusiastic, and persuasive, with a faster pace to create a sense of urgency and motivate listeners to take immediate action.
The following voices are currently available:

  1. (Authoritative) Ava M.
  2. (Authoritative) Paul B.
  3. (Confident) Ben D.
  4. (Confident) Jarvis H.
  5. (Confident) Owen C.
  6. (Energetic) Selene R.
  7. (Familiar) Eric S.
  8. (Familiar) Paula R.
  9. (Friendly) Charlie Z.
  10. (Informative) Kai M.
  11. (Informative) Philip J.
  12. (Informative) Shelby D.
  13. (Informative) Tobin A.
  14. (Youthful) Tilda C.

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