What are the advantages of using Synthetic Voice over Voice Actors?

As a catalyst for efficiency and innovation, Synthetic Voice facilitates seamless entry into the audio space and democratizes audio advertising, welcoming brands that haven't ventured yet into audio due to production barriers. Now, even those with limited resources can effortlessly launch compelling audio campaigns, expanding the horizons of audio advertising.
Synthetic Voice also supports bigger brands that are constantly looking for ways to be more efficient around creative production.

  • Effortless Content Creation

Take full control of producing bespoke ad experiences and high-quality creatives effortlessly with a diverse range of synthetic voices, allowing real-time adjustments to match your brand's personality and resonate with your audience.

  • Efficient Production

Save time and money without compromising quality. Accelerate creative production with unlimited easy-to-edit retakes and on-the-go updates to scripts, voices, or styles. Free of charge.

  • Scalable and Hassle-Free


    Easily scale your campaigns with synthetic voices that seamlessly integrate with AudioGO's existing audio creative request workflow. Enjoy peace of mind as you grow your advertising efforts without increased costs or logistical challenges.

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