What kind of advanced reporting is available?

Aside from the regular reports in your campaign dashboard, our advanced ‘Reporting’ tab has even more data for easy managing. There you'll find additional metrics and breakdowns of your campaign performance that can be exported and shared as a CSV file on a one-time or recurring basis.

When choosing to schedule a report:

Step 1: Name your report - if you don’t have one in mind, you can use the prepopulated option.

Step 2: Select recurring or one-time as your report type.

Step 3: Select the campaigns you want reporting data from. If it's for a recurring report, you can also select all eligible and future campaigns if needed.

Step 4: Select a template from the following options:

  • campaign report with spend
  • audio report without spend
  • clicks and conversions

Note: each reporting template has their own set of metrics.

Step 5: Add dimensions if needed. Here you can further splice and dice your reporting metrics by:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Device
  • Audio Genre
  • Behavioral audience
  • Location (zipcodes, etc.)    

Step 6: For recurring reports, select a start and end date for your scheduling interval that corresponds to the time you wish to receive your reports.

Step 7: Also, for recurring reports, you can choose to receive your report on either a daily basis (totals or hourly), weekly basis (totals or daily), or monthly basis (totals or daily) in the 'how would you like to receive the report?' dropdown.

Step 8: Recipient(s) - your email address will be automatically added, but you can change it or add multiple email addresses (separated by a comma).

Some additional details to keep in mind, as well:

  • You have the ability to view, edit, and delete the recurring reports you’ve scheduled in the past from your dashboard. One-time reports won't be present.
  • Recurring report can only be set to an interval of up to 180 days. When the report expires you're welcome to enter a new scheduling interval to continue receiving it.
  • All recurring and one-time reports will be sent as a CSV file attachment via email.

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