Saving Campaigns as Drafts - A Small Step Towards a Great Outcome

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Here at AudioGO, we are firm believers that anyone should be able to create an effective ad campaign in a few minutes. Being marketers ourselves, though, we also know perfection can't be rushed. Which is why we're introducing a new feature that'll save your campaign progress as a draft - so that it's ready when you are for launch.

Create Your First Campaign

We understand this may not sound like such a big deal, but it is to us. Because it really is a small step towards helping you achieve what you want most from AudioGO: results. And here are just a few ways we think this handy little tool will help with your success moving forward.

Ready When You Are

We know it may sometimes be difficult to commit to running a campaign right off the bat. But now that you can save your progress, here are a few ideas you could explore while your newly created campaign sits there waiting patiently on your personal dashboard for its moment of glory:

  • Reaching that perfect audience
    Before you're ready to sign off on a campaign and set it to run, you may want to (and you definitely should) explore the various targeting options, and see how your budget can help you reach your ideal set of listeners. Remember you always have the handy Audience Guide at your side - always giving you insights about how many people you can effectively reach with your budget
  • Getting that budget approved
    Speaking of budget, it may be that you need to get your campaign budget approved. By your client, your boss or whomever needs to buy in. About that, should you still need to convince someone about how effective audio advertising really is, you may want to share this case study with them
  • Exploring with flight dates and day parting
    Of course a campaign's success not only depends on who you're reaching but also when you're reaching them. Which is exactly why AudioGO comes packed with very precise time and date targeting options that are equally important to reaching the right audience. Feel free to explore with these options and save your desired air times to your campaign with the "save as draft" functionality.

Getting Your Ad Created

Some of our beloved users have their audio ad already created when starting their campaigns. However, many of us don't. Which is why with AudioGO you have the option to get a professional ad produced for an unbeatable price. And now you don't have to wait until the ad is ready (which can take one or two business days). You can just go ahead and create your campaign, save it - and when the ad is ready - set it to run. Oh, and BTW, if you're thinking about requesting a new ad for your campaign, make sure to check these best practices about writing a great audio ad script.

Request an Audio Ad

Creating a Perfect Campaign Template

With AudioGO's city and zip targeting options you have the ability to define very precise audiences. Should that mean adding a series of cities, counties or even zip codes - if that's your desired audience - you should only build that audience once, and then reuse these precious settings in new campaigns by easily duplicating them and reaching similar audience repeatedly as part of your marketing strategy.

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