Reach Your Local Audience with Zip Code Targeting

3 min read

Whether you're a business providing services to your local community or you simply want to hyper-personalize your message according to the geography your listeners belong to, now you can address people that live, work or commute through areas as granular as a street or a small town, by employing the new Zip Code Targeting functionality in AudioGO.

Using Zip Code Targeting could not be simpler. You just need to type in one or more Postal Codes in the same location search bar you would normally use for targeting other geographies like cities, counties or states. Then our system will look up your desired Zip Code and - for confirmation - will append the county and state that particular Zip Code falls within. Isn't this convenient?


Remember the Audience Guide

When targeting narrow locations - such as those delimited by a Postal Code - remember that you could be looking at rather small audiences, so please be mindful of the Audience Guide feature, a tool aimed at helping you size your targeting according to your budget and campaign goals. If you find that targeting just a single Zip Code gives you too narrow results, you may want to expand your target area to a few adjacent postal codes, or even a larger area like City, County, DMA or MSA.

Also, remember that the different targeting criteria available in AudioGO work together to refine your audience more and more as you apply extra filters. So for example, you may learn that there aren't so many men, aged 25 to 34 that are listening to Classic Rock within a small area defined by a single Postal Code. What you want - in this case - is to decide what's more important to you: precise geographical targeting, demographics, OR listening patterns. Of course these all work really well when targeting larger geographies like a city or county. We just want to make sure you understand and that you're harnessing the power of targeting to YOUR advantage.

Can I Target Multiple Zip Codes?

Of course. Within the same campaign, you can define as little as one Postal Code, and as many as you need for your campaign to be effective. You just need to enter all of your Zip Codes one by one, and our system will deliver your ads to your desired location or locations.

Can I combine different location types?

Yes, you can! If that's what you need, you can combine different location types within the same campaign. For example, you can choose to target a specific Zip Code near your office and your Home Town if that makes sense to you or your business. Just remember that if you select both a narrow location AND a greater area that includes the more narrow zone, the greater area will prevail.

Current location vs. home address

When it comes to location targeting, we've been getting some very good questions about what counts as listener location. Is it the current location of the listener, or the address that the user of the various streaming apps declared upon sign-up? The answer is very simple: AudioGO only looks at the current location the listener is in when listening to the stream, thus when receiving the ad. Of course - this is achieved through the use of industry standard geolocation tools - which are subject to certain precision limitations in order to fully comply with new privacy rules and regulations.