How to Write the Best Audio Ad Script

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One thing customers love most about AudioGO is our ability to create a custom audio ad in less than 24 hours. But, before taking advantage of this feature yourself, please pay close attention to this list of best practices when it comes to crafting a script for your audio ad first.

Because as you’ll soon learn, writing the best audio ad script is really more of a science than an art. So be sure to follow every step in this proven formula if you'd like to strike the right note with your listeners.

Know Your Business

First, ask yourself: what is the goal of this ad? What are you trying to achieve?

More sales? General awareness? The debut of a new product? Asking people to come out to your next show? These are the sort of questions we encourage you to think about when getting started.

Know Your Target Audience

Targeted advertising works. This is also exactly how AudioGO works: you get to decide the audience for your ad based on choices of gender, age, location, language, and music genre.

You also get to decide the voice actor for your ad, how it gets read, and the background track this message is played to: so think about your listeners very carefully. 

For example, maybe classical music isn’t the best musical genre to promote next month’s monster truck rally. Or, maybe it is. Either way, these are the sort of things you have to consider when prepping your script.

Get to the Point

Begin by introducing yourself, your business and the purpose of your ad. Avoid using jokes or skits, it makes it a challenge for listeners to connect with your messaging.

Use a Clear Call to Action

Buy now! Call for your free consultation! Click your screen, before it’s too late! Mention this ad when you come to our store and get 25% off!

These are what we refer to as ‘calls to action.’ Just be mindful to tell the listener exactly what you want them to do and why. The goal is to be specific and direct. 

Exclusives, sales, or promotional codes help.

Less is More

You don’t need a lot of words to make a big impact. K-I-S-S, as we like to say: keep it short and simple.

Our platform can only support ad spots of 30 seconds or less - so by extension, your script shall not exceed any more than 70 words in length. We recommend using every bit of this 70-word limit too.


When it comes to tone: be real. Be relatable. It’s not always what you say, rather, how you say it.  

A conversational voice is always best. This is what listeners typically respond to.

Voiceover Direction

To that end, please remember to be as clear and as straightforward as possible with your voiceover direction. Especially when it comes to the pronunciation of names. Help your voice actor, help you.


It’s always advisable to both double-check and read your script out loud before submission. This way you can avoid revisions, and any unnecessary delays.


And once your happy with your script, simply click the ‘Request Audio Ad’ button in your AudioGO dashboard. Then just give us a day or two, and you’ll have a custom audio ad ready to GO!

For more information about requesting an audio ad, or anything AudioGO, make sure to check out our new and improved FAQ page:

Sample Ad Scripts

For more inspiration for your script, click here are some examples from successful campaigns that ran on AudioGO.