How to Write the Best Audio Ad Script

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Audio Ad Scripts: Your Guide to Creating Great Ads

One thing our customers love about the AudioGo experience is our ability to create a custom audio ad in less than 24 hours. But before you can take full advantage of our lightning-fast services, it helps to know the best practices for crafting an effective script.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into every aspect of writing an audio ad script that will get results on digital radio, streaming music services, and in the dynamic landscape of podcast advertising. Writing the best audio ad script is really more of a science than an art. So be sure to follow every step in this proven formula if you'd like to strike the right note with your listeners.

Know Your Business - And Your Goals

Before you start writing, there is one big question you should spend some time answering: What is the goal of this audio ad? You should start with a clear picture of what you would like to achieve and what you would consider to be success in this scenario.

Are you looking for more sales or trying to spread awareness? Are you launching a new product or advertising an upcoming event or show? Getting these answers down will help you determine your message. For example, how can you write a call to action if you don't know what action you want your listeners to take? Once you figure out your goal, you can move on to the other steps.

Know Your Target Audience

Targeted advertising works. This is also exactly how AudioGO works: You get to decide the target audience for your ad based on choices of gender, age, location, language, and music genre.

You also get to decide the voice actor for your ad, how it gets read, and the background track for your message. So before you put pen to paper, think about your listeners very carefully. 

Are they tech-savvy digital radio enthusiasts, groove-seekers on streaming music services, or avid podcast listeners seeking their next audio adventure? Think about where you’ll be most likely to reach them.

Next up: Do you know how to grab their attention? Tailor your script to resonate with their preferences, so that your messaging strikes the right chord. For example, maybe classical music isn’t the best genre to promote next month’s monster truck rally. Or, maybe it is. These are the sort of things to consider when preparing your script.

Brevity Is Key

Keep your script concise and to the point. Capture attention within the first few seconds and maintain a rhythm that aligns with the platform — whether it's a quick digital radio advertising spot or a more extended podcast commercial.

Begin by introducing yourself, your business and the purpose of your ad. Avoid using jokes or skits, because they make it a challenge for listeners to connect with your messaging.

Keep in mind that, often, less is more. As we like to say, K-I-S-S, or keep it short and simple. AudioGo’s platform supports ad spots of 30 seconds or less, which means your script should not exceed 70 words in length. We recommend using every bit of that 70-word limit, too.

Embrace the Power of Storytelling

Your audio ad script is an opportunity to tell a story, even if it’s a short one. It might be tempting to use an ad script generator, but instead, take the time to dig into the collective mind of your target audience.

A story can engage and captivate an audience. It's a natural, easy way for people to absorb information. Let your creativity flow to make your brand messaging memorable.

Template for Success

Once you’ve figured out what works for your brand and what doesn’t, streamline your writing process with a template. Use the structure to guide your script and help you cover essential elements: introduction, compelling content, and a persuasive call to action (CTA). This not only saves time but also guarantees consistency across your audio ads, creating a unified brand voice.

Tailor Your Audio Ad to the Platform

Each audio platform has its nuances — and its differences.

Whether it's the fast-paced energy of radio ads, the vibe of streaming music services, or the immersive storytelling of podcasts, customize your script to fit the platform. Your tone should resonate with the unique atmosphere of each space.

Add a Little Sonic Magic

Audio advertising isn't just about the words — it's also about the soundscape you create.

Consider incorporating sound effects or music that complements your message. These auditory elements can elevate your script, but steer clear of anything that detracts attention from your messaging or purpose.

Use A Clear Call to Action

"Buy now!"

"Call for your free consultation!"

"Click your screen, before it’s too late!"

"Mention this ad when you come to our store and get 25% off!"

The power of an audio ad often lies in the call to action (CTA). Write a call to action that tells the listener exactly what you want them to do and why. The goal is to be specific and direct. It helps to mention exclusives, sales, or promotional codes, too.

Craft a compelling CTA that encourages listeners to take immediate action. Otherwise, listeners may soon forget what it was they were going to do, and your ad won’t be as successful as you would like.


When it comes to tone: be real. Be relatable. It’s not always what you say, but how you say it.  

A conversational voice is always best. This is what listeners typically respond to.

Voiceover Direction

To that end, please remember to be as clear and as straightforward as possible with your voiceover direction. Especially when it comes to the pronunciation of names. Help your voice actor to help you.


It’s always advisable to both double-check and read your script out loud before submission. This way you can avoid revisions and unnecessary delays.


Once you're happy with your script, simply click the "Request Audio Ad" button in your AudioGO dashboard. Then just give us a day or two, and you’ll have a custom audio ad ready to GO!

For more information about writing ad scripts, requesting an audio ad, or anything AudioGO, check out our FAQ page:

Audio Ad Script Examples

We sometimes hear from advertisers that they think getting started with audio ads is too difficult. Some just aren’t quite sure where to begin and most aren't even sure what to say in their script.

If you find yourself in this predicament, the following script examples will give you an idea of how similar businesses communicate their services or goods to the audience. You can then think about how to take your script a step further and tailor it to your advertising strategy.

You're welcome to use these scripts from our advertisers as templates for your ads. They worked for them, so we're confident they can work for you too.

Food and Beverage

To encourage locals to turn out, a neighborhood bar and grill shined a light on its award-winning food and beverages. Notice the powerful call to action that involves an offer of 10% off for listeners.

  • "Grab some friends and come on down to XXXXX, voted Best Tavern 2 years running! Enjoy our assortment of craft beers and award-winning food. Indoor and outdoor dining. Or grab a seat at the bar. Mention Pandora and get 10% off your next entree. The XXXXX is open Tuesday through Sunday, located at XXXXX in XXXXX. The XXXXX ... because getting together NEVER goes out of style!"


Ever wish you had a friend in the insurance business? An insurance/financial sector advertiser opted for a comforting, familiar tone in its ad. It assures listeners that its independent agents live in their communities, understand their needs, and can make the insurance process understandable and affordable.

  • "Loading the kids into the car, resetting your password, matching your socks — Why are simple things sometimes so complicated? Thankfully insurance doesn't have to be one of them. XXXXX is an independent agency with agents who live in your community and answer when you call, so you can worry about more important things, like finding that missing sock. Call XXX-XXX-XXXX today!"


The red-hot job market has many Americans thinking about going back to school to finish their education or pursue a new degree. Those are the exact listeners that this college is trying to reach for its Bachelor of Professional Studies Program in the School of Continuing Education. It wants to let people know that students can transfer existing credits, enroll in new courses, and gain professional credentials.

  • "Finish your college degree part-time and gain in-demand career skills with a Bachelor’s in Professional Studies at XXXXX. Transfer up to 75 college credits, finish your degree, and gain professional credentials. For $390 per credit, you’ll get a quality education at the cost of a state school! Begin your career advancement with an evening class this August 30. Get your Bachelor’s in Professional Studies at XXXXX."

Home Services

With summer temperatures hitting records in many parts of the country, this local home services company is using digital audio advertising to reach parched Iowa listeners. After all, when the mercury reaches record levels, who wouldn’t like to have some new air conditioning? The ads include calls to action with a special financing option, which can motivate listeners to get in touch. It also highlights their 60 years in business, which demonstrates expertise and experience.

  • "At XXXXX, your comfort has been our promise for over 60 years. Now that it's starting to get warmer, with 0% financing on AC units, we want to make sure you don't sweat it. XXXXX will maintain and service your AC, so your home is always comfortable. Whether you're in Cedar Valley or Cedar Rapids, we provide HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and fireplace service. It's all part of that XXXXX comfort promise."


Across the country, small businesses are struggling to find qualified candidates to fill important positions. Staffing agencies are tapping digital audio ads to expand their candidate pool and encourage prospective employees to attend events and apply for open positions. This employment agency used digital audio spots for a hiring campaign. The first ad gives detailed information about a signing bonus and benefits for qualified applicants. The second one raises awareness for a job fair.

  • "Hey, XXXXX: Going back to school or finishing what you started can be challenging. We designed Your Tomorrow to make things easier by covering 100% of your tuition. XXXXX is now hiring mechanics in XXXXX. Includes a $5,000 sign-on bonus and unmatched benefits. Apply today at"
  • "Want a well-paying career with benefits? Grab one of 5,000 jobs in Rutherford County waiting to be filled by someone like you. Join XXXXX July 12th between 10 and 4 p.m. at Embassy Suites in XXXXX to talk with hiring employers. 100 companies are hiring for positions ranging from entry-level to management in industries ranging from manufacturing to healthcare to technology. Flexible schedules are available. Register at"

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