Case Study: How a Local Insurance Agent Uses Targeted Audio Ads to Build His Business

5 min read

Imagine you just bought a new house. Now ask yourself this, would you rather hear an ad for a chicken sandwich or would rather hear an ad about lowering your monthly home insurance payments by 20%?

Well of course - despite how good that sandwich may actually sound - the correct answer here is the insurance ad as it’s the only one that’s relevant to a homeowner. And as any good marketer knows, relevant ads and receptive audiences get HUGE results.

As a matter of fact, 91% of consumers said they’re more likely to shop from brands that promote products and services that are relevant to them.

Which is why personalization is so important in your digital marketing. 

Because if done wrong, or not at all, you can find yourself wasting a lot of money on ads that completely miss their mark. Like a chicken sandwich ad to a vegetarian.

But if done right, personalized ads can offer some of the same success this local insurance agent was able to find by utilizing behavioral targeting on AudioGO.

The Situation

Matthew Brown is a leading insurance agent based in Cabot, Arkansas. For over ten years, he’s been helping his local community secure better auto, home, renters, and business coverage.

Though after several years of running nothing but search and social ads to market his agency, Matthew had decided it was time to add a new channel to the mix. And it had to be affordable, effective at reaching insurance buyers, while also helping him stand out from the competition.

So, he came to AudioGO.

"I am always looking for the next thing to promote my agency. I found AudioGO and it was a great fit. It complemented the other advertising I was doing, and it kept me on top of people’s minds in my community. In Insurance, people have a lot of options to choose from, so it was important that I stood out, and AudioGO helped me do just that."

The Solution

Working behind the scenes of every website and app is a network of machines that collect data on their users’ behavior. That data is then segmented and organized into the 60 different interests and user statuses that make up our behavioral targeting feature.

A tool Mr. Brown would make good use of on three AudioGO campaigns to selectively message: car owners, homeowners, married listeners, households with children, mortgage loan customers, and anybody interested in financial planning and insurance. 

The type of audience any insurance business would be looking for.

In addition to this feature, Matthew took full advantage of our:

  • Creative Services, which allowed him to have three custom audio ads recorded in under 24 hours by real, professional voice actors. Like this one, for example.
  • Location Targeting, which allowed him to narrow down his messaging to just the cities and zip codes in his service area.
  • Display Ad Builder, which allowed him to quickly create display banners that sent interested listeners to his website when clicked.

The Results

The impact of Matthew’s first campaign was felt almost immediately. Within minutes of its launch, he was already getting phone calls and texts from people who had mentioned they heard his ad on Pandora and iHeartRadio. 

"After launching one of my first campaigns, I had past clients and people I've worked with let me know they heard it! In literally a few minutes, I had someone text me saying they heard the ad on Pandora. It showed me AudioGO works, and that it can work fast."

Talk about standing out.

Since then, Matthew has written over 30 auto/business/household policies that he can directly attribute to his three campaigns. All of which cost him around $1,200. An incredible return on his investment.

  • In total, 72,341 ads ran with a 99% listen-through-rate,* meaning nearly every single 30-second ad was heard from start to finish.
  • In all, 42,680 unique listeners were reached in the cities and zip codes he does business in. A significant share of the available market.

*according to AdsWizz internally reported data, the industry average for listen-through-rates is 98%

The Takeaway

Marketing, at its core, is about delivering a solution to those who might benefit from it.

But when it comes to the delivery method, marketers can either decide to take a shotgun approach - like, indiscriminately blasting chicken sandwich ads to broad audiences in the hopes that many of them are hungry - or they can go about it like Matthew does, with a laser instead. Fully focused on an audience that looks exactly like his customer profile.

Car owners, homeowners, married listeners, households with children, mortgage loan customers, and anybody interested in financial planning and insurance. 

We also call these warm leads. And by leveraging AudioGO’s behavioral targeting options the way he did, Matthew succeeded (big time) in converting a good amount of them into new customers.

Not only was the strategy effective, but it was an efficient use of his budget too. Because by taking that laser-like approach with his marketing, Matthew was able to concentrate all of his ad spend on just those listeners he knew his message’s call to action would resonate with. 

Because he was also careful to craft an ad that was personalized for them.

And as any good marketer like Matthew Brown knows, relevant ads and receptive audiences get HUGE results.

"It has to be something they want to hear about. Knowing who my customers are and what my customers need, I know I can reach them with the right message on AudioGO by targeting them based on where they are, who they are, and what they are interested in."