Reach your Precise Audience with AudioGO's New Behavioral Targeting

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Just like you're used to targeting music or podcast, you now have the option to choose what kind of listeners will be hearing your message. Whether you're looking to target parents, business owners, fitness enthusiasts, fashionistas or foodies you now have the option to do so along with 50+ interests and statuses.

How Behavioral Targeting Works

After you have defined your campaign settings and your creatives, targeting kicks in. Go ahead and select your location and demographics, then refine your audience by either content or behavioral targeting. Just add one or more segments that suit your interest while keeping an eye on the audience size to ensure you're reaching your campaign goals. Double check everything and hit Schedule or Save. It couldn't be easier to reach exactly the digital listeners that will become avid consumers of your product or service.


Which Audience Refinement Options Are Available?

With the addition of behavioral targeting we've streamlined the way you build your audience. To narrow it down to specific user segments, you have a few options:

  1. Behavioral Segments (new) - This options ensures you're hitting the right audience according to their interests or status. You can select one or more interests or a set of options reflecting their status. You could even combine segments from the two pools. You only need to remember that there is an OR condition between all segments. This means that if you chose to target Business Owners or Small Businesses you will be hitting EITHER Business Owners OR people that are part of small businesses across your desired geo;
  2. Streamed Content - Choose music genres or podcast show topics if you're looking to target users based on their listening patterns. You have the option to target music listeners by genre or talk / podcast listeners by show topic. Just like with behavioral targeting, you can mix several options to ensure you're reaching your audience;
  3. No refinement at all - Choose this option if you're looking to target everyone in a specific area or everyone fitting a specific demographic profile. This is especially useful when you're looking at a narrow audience matching a very small geography or a specific group of people - for example: Women aged 18-24 - which matters more than their interests or listening patterns.

What Kind of Reporting Do I Get?

Behavioral targeting is accompanied by a new report for each campaign that is making use of this dimension, which is a segment breakdown. Choosing one or more segments at campaign creation will unlock a new chart showing how your impressions have been distributed across these segments. The same goes for content targeting, so the reporting will reflect your targeting options highlighting the distribution of impressions across your target segments.