Getting Started: Audience Buys and AudioGO

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Of all the things that separate traditional audio advertising from digital audio advertising, the most glaring difference would be how the latter leverages user data. Because unlike radio ad buys that are limited to just location and station, digital audio advertising lets marketers target specific audiences based on information about their demographics, interests, personas, and more.

No differently than how AudioGO works.

The Types of Audience Buys on AudioGO

There are a few different types of audience buys available on AudioGO.

Demographic targeting: This type of audience buy targets specific age groups and genders. For example, if your business skewed more to millennials, you'd want to run ads to listeners that fall in the 25 to 34 and 35-44 age brackets.

Behavioral targeting: Behavioral targeting uses audience data that's pulled from a listener's interests and user profiles. So, say you were an auto dealership looking for more customers. Then in this case you’d want to target 'car buyers,' or 'used car owners,' etc, etc. All in all, there are 221 behavioral segments for you to choose from on AudioGO.

Keep in mind that these buys are limited to just streaming (music and digital radio) ad campaigns.

Content targeting: This type of audience buy targets folks based on the content they're listening to. For instance, a company that sells fitness products could target listeners who regularly stream podcasts about health and wellness topics.

Predictive Audience targeting: In partnership with Comscore, Predictive Audiences is an industry-first, cookie-free, privacy-friendly targeting solution with over 300 audience segments that span a user's interests, behaviors, personas, and activities. 

By then pairing this data with AdsWizz's AI transcription technology, Predictive Audiences also knows how to match your advertising with the content your target audiences have a high affinity for. Adding another layer of personalization to your podcast campaign.

Where Your Ads Play

But what sets audience buys on AudioGO a part from other services, is the sheer scope and scale of the aggregated media network we source our audiences from. Because by pooling every listener from 1,500+ stations, 7,500+ podcasts, and over a dozen audio apps onto ONE platform - we're giving your advertising the best possible chance to reach the most amount of listeners. All thanks to partners like Pandora, iHeartRadio, and SoundCloud.

And while you can't necessarily choose exactly where your ad will play, if you do pick something like music genres as part of your audience targeting, there's a really good chance the bulk of your campaign's listeners will come from Pandora and/or SoundCloud as they specialize in music streaming. Either way, your ad will always find its way to the audience you've selected, regardless of what app they're listening to.

The Benefits of Audience Buys on AudioGO

There are several benefits to audience buying as part of an advertising strategy.

Enhanced personalization: By using data to identify the most relevant audiences, advertisers can be sure their campaign will reach the people who are actually interested in their products or services. Narrowing your audiences also lets you create personalized messaging that speaks directly to an individual's needs and interests. Which inevitably leads to higher engagement - and customer conversion rates.

There is a limit, however, to how narrow your targeting should get. It's not like this world is teeming with newly married, anime-loving, business owners with gluten allergies. So please be realistic about your choices, and don't forget to lean on our Audience Guide as you build out your campaign. It's there to help balance your targeting and budget. Use it wisely.

Cost-effective: Audience buying can also help advertisers optimize their spend by focusing on their most valuable audiences. This helps to reduce any chance your ad will land on deaf ears, and in turn, improves your overall return on investment.

Better insights: Similarly, another benefit of audience buys in digital audio advertising is the ability to optimize campaigns in real-time. In fact, with AudioGO's reporting dashboard you'll get an immediate view of how things are going. Which is going to allow you to make data-driven decisions that maximize your performance.

This not only helps advertisers better pivot on the fly, but they'll also be able to gain important insights into their customers' behavior and preferences. Informing them on what works and what doesn't for future campaigns.

The Results of Audience Buys on AudioGO

Between general ad fatigue and the growing popularity of streaming content, it's becoming more apparent than ever right now for advertisers to expand into audio channels. But for some, digital audio advertising is still seen in the same light as radio buys - incredible reach, yet minimal targeting, with limited analytics.

When, as we now know, the exact opposite is true. Save for the incredible reach part. Though it is safe to say that digital audio advertising's reliance on data puts it firmly in the same camp as other digital channels. Which is something this legacy radio buyer found out first-hand when they used AudioGO for the very first time.

And to help demonstrate what targeted audience buys can do for your own business, be sure to check out this other must-read case study about how an insurance agent was able to sign up 30 clients with just a handful of AudioGO campaigns.