Introducing Multi-Ad Campaign Creation: Optimize Your Campaign With New Data-Driven Insights

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Advertisers are focused on discovering what resonates best with their audience, and now, it can be a priority when creating audio campaigns.

The latest enhancement to AudioGO’s platform, Multi-Ad Campaign Creation, allows you to utilize up to three audio creatives per campaign to assess which resonates better with your audience. 

It’s an intuitive way to support multiple audio ads within a single campaign, providing greater flexibility and insights, making it easier than ever to optimize campaign performance.

How It Works 

Utilizing Multiple Audio Ads

Now that you can include up to three audio creatives in your campaign, test different messaging or variations within a single campaign. The creatives are delivered randomly but with similar distributions of impressions to the same targeted audience, ensuring fair testing and unbiased results.

Gaining Insights With Advanced Reporting 

With our Advanced Reporting tool, you can generate a report and add the new ad dimension as a split. This feature enables you to see the performance of each ad separately. By analyzing the performance metrics for each ad, such as clicks and conversions, you can make informed decisions to optimize your campaign creative or overall strategy.

Understanding Limitations and Options

While Multi-Ad Campaign Creation offers great flexibility, there are some limitations and options to consider:

  • Language consistency: The language chosen for the first ad sets the language for the entire campaign. Mixing different language ads within a single campaign is not supported.

Pro tip: You can create separate campaigns for each creative language with the exact targeting and then cross-compare results.
  • Banner consistency: AudioGO does not support running different banners associated with each audio creative, as the focus is on optimizing audio messaging.

  • Ad customization: While you cannot change the banners associated with each ad, you can request and insert multiple Synthetic Voice Ads or Produced Voice Ads into the same campaign. You can also rename ads after upload or approval to organize your campaign assets better.

Getting Started

When creating or editing a campaign, look for the option to “Add Multiple Audio Creatives.” This is where you can leverage the power of Multi-Ad Campaign Creation. Use Advanced Reporting to track the performance of each ad. This data-driven approach empowers you to adjust and optimize your campaigns for success.

By leveraging these capabilities, you can enhance your campaigns, engage your audience effectively, and achieve your advertising goals with confidence. Plus, you can potentially have an even more significant impact on your audience.

Experience the benefits of Multi-Ad Campaign Creation today by signing into your AudioGO account and trying it today!