Building your Home Services Business with Audio Advertising

4 min read

From HVAC repairs to swimming pool installs, Americans have been spending big bucks on home improvements since the pandemic began last year. Pushing demand for skilled, local contractors through the roof in the process.

While at the same time, we also saw more people listening to music, news, and podcasts than ever before - more than AM/FM radio and even more than video, gaming, and social now that audio streaming is the country's #1 mobile activity.

So to help your home contractor business take advantage of these two intersecting trends, here are some of the ways AudioGO can help you build a successful pipeline of leads.

Reaching interested homeowners

To convert advertising into business, you need to reach the right consumers. In the case of home services, that means homeowners or business owners looking for help around the house or their offices.

Now what's great about Digital Audio is that it allows plumbers, electricians, cleaners, landscapers - you name it - to select the listeners of their ads. And with AudioGO you can build your own audience based on your choice of age, gender, location, content genre, interests, and even specific user statuses like 'homeowners' and 'business owners'. By drilling down to audience segments like this, you'll increase your brand exposure, improve sales conversion, and reduce ad waste. 

Listeners Take Action

When listeners encounter ads that feel relevant and personalized, they take notice. In fact, one-third of SXM Media listeners said they’re more responsive to ads that feel personal. That means if a homeowner hears a relevant ad, they’re more likely to visit your website or pick up the phone.

When you advertise for home services on digital audio, you’re also catching listeners in the right place – at home. Pandora found that 84% of listeners are streaming audio at home. What better place to catch them when repairs and projects are top of mind.

Connect with Locals

Home Services is a local business. Customers want to use providers who have worked for their friends and neighbors in the past, or simply those who know their community. So if you communicate your local ties in your ads, it can certainly help you stand out.

Digital Audio also helps to ensure your ads are going to the right listeners in your community too. That’s because streaming audio technology allows advertisers to target ads in particular geographic areas. With our advanced platform, AudioGO can even help narrow down your messaging to specific zip codes. It really doesn't get much more local than that!

Audio is Accessible to Home Services Providers

Unlike TV, which has a high barrier to entry and can be costly, digital audio advertising is accessible and affordable. With AudioGO, audio spots are fast and easy to produce - just submit a script, and our team of real, professional voice actors will turn around and record a high-quality spot in under 24 hours and for just $10. We can even create Spanish-language ads as well.

You can also start your own music or podcast campaign on AudioGO for as little as $250. And with more homeowners tuning in right now than ever before, we think you'll find audio ads are a great tool to help build awareness and your business. 

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