How Digital Audio Advertising Lifts the Rest of Your Digital Marketing

3 min read

Did you know that American advertisers spend more money on digital media than traditional outlets like TV and print? It’s true, in 2021, digital media will grab more than half of all US ad dollars. (57% vs. 43% to be exact). Businesses large and small are investing the bulk of their ad dollars in search, display, and social media. Those are smart buys, but add audio to the mix and then you have a powerful one-two digital punch.

Digital Audio is one of the fastest-growing media channels, and Americans are streaming more audio content than ever before. According to the latest Edison Research, 62% of adults 12 + stream online audio weekly, and that equals 176 million weekly users. Each week, the average user spends 16 hours, 14 minutes listening, and about half of all users are listening with other people.

Adding digital audio to your media plan will deliver more high-quality consumers and augment the power of your other digital marketing. Need some more convincing? Let us make our case.  

Audio is Personal

For many consumers, Digital Audio is a companion to their daily lives. They listen to a daily news podcast with their morning coffee, stream music on their commute and during the workday, and then dig into a true-crime podcast in the evening. Users accessing audio via mobile devices, smartphones, smart TVs, and in-car entertainment systems. Audio is at their fingertips wherever and whenever they want it. 

Digital Audio is also highly personalized. Users seek out content and then listen on their own terms. Thanks to digital audio’s advanced targeting capabilities, the ads they hear are customized to their interests and tastes. They’re additive, not distracting, and that builds brand recognition, affinity, and engagement.

These attributes can translate into powerful business results. Digital audio ads generated 24% higher recall than display ads and were twice as likely to drive purchase intent, according to a Nielsen study. 

Audio is Memorable

Digital Audio has people’s ears. Thanks to earbuds, smart speakers, and in-car streaming, digital audio commands listeners’ attention. At a time when consumers are bombarded with media messages, that intimacy helps advertisers stand out. (How many banners and display ads do you see in one day?)

The halo effect of audio extends to other platforms. After hearing ads on their favorite streaming audio, consumers are more likely to take action. In fact, according to a recent Adobe study, one-third of consumers searching for a product or service after hearing an audio ad.

How Audio Amplifies Digital Ads

If it takes up to 10 exposures for a consumer to take action with your brand, then it is wise to activate multiple media. Search and social might have huge reach, but it is never a good idea to rely too much on any one media. (Remember the saying about putting all your eggs in one basket?)

Digital audio is an excellent complement to other display, search, and social media because it generates more touchpoints and advances a brand’s campaign goals. Consumers use audio in multiple locations and at different times of the day, creating unique opportunities for brand exposure. Plus, digital audio offers some highly engaging advertising formats, such as host-read ads in podcasts and brand-sponsored streaming music stations, which puts a brand’s product or service in a visible and exclusive environment.

How to Activate Digital Audio

If you’ve shied away from digital audio because you thought it would be difficult or expensive, we’ve got your back. At AudioGO, we make it easy and affordable for small businesses to advertise on digital audio. For just $10, you can launch a digital ad campaign with options to target by content genre, as well as key demographics including age, gender, location, and contextual behaviors.

If you need help creating your ads, AudioGO offers creative services that produce professional-quality spots in less than 48 hours. You select an experienced voice-over talent and background music, then send us your script and our producers take care of the rest.

The result? You’re buying into a red-hot media at the ideal time. Digital audio amplifies brand engagement, improves overall return on investment, and compliments your existing digital media marketing.  Now, who wouldn’t like the sound of that?