An Agency's Guide to Audio Advertising

2 min read

Listen to this. According to a recent Nielsen survey, the average American streams roughly 4.5 hours of audio content each and every day. Not to mention, 77% of them are using free, ad-supported apps to do so.

Now, combine these figures with the fact that a good audio ad can lift recall by as much as 81% - and brand awareness by nearly 26% - and you’ll start to see why audio advertising is really finding its groove among digital agencies as a necessary part of today's marketing mix. Especially now that more people are streaming music, news, and podcasts than ever before.

So as our way to help your agency Harness the Power of Audio, we put together a guidebook for steering your clients to success with AudioGO. In it:

  • You’ll discover the special benefits and opportunities streaming audio advertising has to offer.
  • You’ll find out why Digital Audio is a local marketing must-have for this year (and beyond).
  • And, you’ll learn how simple and affordable it is to use AudioGO. 

You’ll also find some more compelling stats, a few observations, a handful of tips, and hopefully lots of inspiration to help your clients get heard on the country’s most popular streaming apps. And by the time you’re finished reading our guide, you'll know just about everything there is to know about the future of advertising, along with the ins-and-outs of AudioGO.