Advertising on Pandora: It's Easy with AudioGO

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Pandora is the ultimate destination for personalized listening, captivating millions of listeners daily. Advertisers can engage the largest ad-supported audience in audio, as listeners rely on Pandora to soundtrack their day. AudioGO provides advertisers access to Pandora's 49 million unique listeners(1), making it a seamless addition to any media plan at any campaign spend level.

Pandora allows listeners to design their own radio stations based on their music preferences. It fine-tunes playlists by learning from users' interactions, such as skipping or liking songs, to create a personalized listening experience.

87% of Pandora’s audience listens to their favorite music and podcasts with ads, making it the largest addressable digital audio property in the U.S. Advertisers can reach valuable audiences, at scale, in a highly engaged and premium listening environment.

Why Pandora is Music to Marketers' Ears

Pandora combines personalized listening, a large and diverse audience, and targeted advertising capabilities to create a unique and effective platform for advertisers:

  • Scaled Audiences: With millions of active users daily, Pandora provides advertisers access to a vast and diverse audience, making it an attractive platform for reaching potential customers. 

  • Premium Content: For all media, the consumer experience begins and ends with great content. Along with Pandora’s extensive artist and music library, listeners can also access podcasts, including popular shows such as Crime Junkie, Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend, Pod Save America, and many others.

  • Sophisticated Targeting: Brands can access Pandora’s sophisticated targeting capabilities to deliver ads to users based on location, demographics, and listening behavior.

  • Multiple Ad Formats: Pandora offers audio and visual ad formats to cater to different advertising preferences and objectives. Audio ads play between songs, delivering brand messages to listeners, while visual ads appear on the Pandora interface, engaging users visually.

Streaming Audio for the Win

With the advancement of ad media platforms, businesses are transitioning from traditional radio advertising to podcast and music streaming ads. This shift is driven by the recognition that newer technologies provide a more effective way to achieve advertising objectives.

Whether their goal is to grow brand awareness or drive conversions, advertising on Pandora can help marketers succeed in reaching desired audiences effectively and efficiently.  For example, you can use AudioGO's Predictive Audiences - an industry-first, cookie-free, privacy-friendly targeting solution to help you reach your desired audience. It offers over 300 audience segments, including demographics, interests, behaviors, personas, and activities, and it's easy to try different ads to see which ones perform best for your campaign.

Types of Pandora Ads

There are several ways for businesses to use Pandora advertising to reach their target audiences, such as:

  • Audio Ads. Ads play between songs and other programming. Pandora’s Audio Everywhere ad format is non-skippable, ensuring users can't skip or scroll past.

  • Display Ads. Ads are displayed on-screen when users engage in the Pandora app, so users can click if interested. 

  • Video Ads. Videos auto-play during station changes or song skips. These come in different lengths and formats and are triggered by user activity, such as creating a new station. Video ads are more complicated to produce but are highly immersive and engaging.

Marketers can customize the mix for their advertising campaign through music streaming and audio ads to create a memorable and engaging experience for brand advertisers.

Pandora's Audience Characteristics

According to Comscore,  57% of Pandora users are women. 62% of listeners are between the ages of 25 and 54(2). The average Pandora user visits the app 43 times a month for at least 8 minutes daily.

With a highly engaged user base, Pandora is an appealing platform for marketers to reach their desired audience. It also offers opportunities for cross-platform audio advertising. Marketers can reach users on any connected device, extending their campaign's reach.

How Much Does It Cost to Advertise on Pandora?

The cost of advertising on Pandora will vary based on multiple factors. These include the type of ad, targeting options, frequency, campaign duration, and overall advertising budget.

Advertising on Pandora is sold on a CPM, or cost per one thousand impressions, basis. Rates fluctuate, but generally CPMs average $8-15.

Unlike traditional radio, ad impressions are tracked and accountable, providing valuable campaign delivery and performance information. 

How to Start Advertising on Pandora

With AudioGO, setting up an ad campaign on Pandora that fits your brand’s marketing budget is easy. You can try different messages and formats to see what works best. Once you have gathered some reliable data, you can optimize campaigns accordingly.

AudioGO streamlines the process of creating, scheduling, and launching an audio campaign. Our publisher network includes Pandora and more, reaching over 150 million unique monthly listeners in North America. When setting up an ad campaign,  marketers can specify these targeting options:

  • Gender

  • Age groups, including 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55-64, and 65+

  • Location by state, county, city, MSA (metropolitan state area), DMA (designated market area), or ZIP code

  • Devices, including mobile phones and tablets, PCs and laptops, or smart speakers

  • Behavioral segments, with the ability to choose among 221 different user statuses and interests

  • Predictive audiences, including interests, activities, and personas

  • Dayparting, including the day of the week and the time of day

  • Genres, i.e. streaming content or podcast content

  • Language, including English or Spanish

The Sweet Harmony of Self-service

Now, are you ready to get started with your Pandora ad campaign? No contracts, no thousand-dollar commitments. And there is no need to work with an account manager. It's quick to get an advertising campaign up and running yourself. Simply upload your audio ad to get started.

Or, let AudioGO customize an audio ad for you. You can opt for a real actor for only $10 or use our Synthetic Voice Tool for free. Our campaign wizard will take you through the creation steps to get you advertising on Pandora in about 10 minutes.

Once your campaign is up, you can monitor performance in real-time. Detailed analytics and metrics allow marketers to assess their campaign's effectiveness. It's easy to switch out ads that are not performing or to continue testing creatives until you have a winner.

Start advertising on Pandora today!


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