Univision, Entravision, SBS: Where the Largest Latin Audiences Listen

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1 in 5 Americans have Latin roots. Many of them are already your customers. For some others, they represent a lucrative opportunity that has yet to be tapped. But whatever the case may be for your business, one of the best-known channels of connecting with US Hispanics is through music.

The Big Three in Audio Español

There’s no denying the cultural importance of music in the Hispanic-American community. There's also no denying the hold Digital Audio has on these 60+ MM consumers as well. A recent report from H Code revealed that a whopping 85% of US Hispanics are using digital streaming services for their music. And while the survey showed Pandora (25%) and Spotify (20%) are the most commonly used apps, nearly three-quarters (73%) of its respondents also said they prefer to get their content elsewhere. Which begs to ask the question, where do the majority of Latin listeners primarily go for their music then?

Try any of the 3 biggest names in US Hispanic media - Univision, Entravision, and SBS (Spanish Broadcasting Systems). All of whom just so happen to be partners of ours. So without further ado, let's briefly introduce you to the publishers and the places our Spanish-language audio ads play.

Meet Entravision

Ranked the # 1 online advertising network for Hispanic reach by comScore’s Media Metrix, we’re proud to host Entravision's entire US portfolio of Spanish-language programming on AudioGO's self-serve platform. Our friends over there couldn't agree more too.

"We are seeing a lot of pent up demand from advertisers who are eager to get into digital audio in their local markets, but don’t meet minimum spends, or simply aren’t sure how to get started," said Gonzalo Alonso, Managing Director of Entravision's AudioEngage.

"AudioGO is an easy, affordable, and scalable way for [Entravision] to enable these smaller buyers to buy audio ads," added Federico Gagliardone, VP of Integrated Operations at Entravision.

You'll also find plenty of ears for those audio ads, thanks to the 30+ MM Hispanic-Americans streaming Entravision content on a monthly basis. Spanish Blog Banners V3

Meet Univision

89 regional affiliates in 15 major metropolitan markets reaching over 2 million unique listeners streaming digital audio, podcasts, and live music events every single week...

That's Univision Radio, 'The Home of Latin Music.'

And with AudioGO, it takes but a few minutes to start running ads on the most iconic brand in all of Spanish-language entertainment.Univision Blog Banner

Meet SBS (Spanish Broadcasting System)

Between their popular LaMusica platform and the 20 stations they own, SBS reaches well over half (61%) of the US Hispanic population with music formats ranging from regional Mexican to Spanish tropical in major US markets like Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Puerto Rico, and Miami. Including the #1 station among Hispanic adults ages 18 to 49.

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Creating Spanish-language Audio Campaigns

To launch your Spanish-language ad on AudioGO, simply:

  1. Login to your AudioGO dashboard
  2. Click the 'Create a new campaign' button
  3. Upload your Spanish-language ad
  4. Select the language targeting option
  5. And, lastly, click the 'Spanish' radio button

Need an audio ad made in Spanish? No problemo, we can have a native-speaking voice actor from our in-app studio record one in under 24 hours and for only $10! For more information on how to submit an ad request, click here. Or just click the button below to go ahead and get started.

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