Digital Audio Delivers Holiday Cheer

3 min read

When your inbox is full of promotions and Mariah Carey hits the airwaves, you know it’s holiday shopping season. The National Retail Foundation is estimating sales could reach a record $859 billion, up 10.5% from 2020 spending. To sway shoppers, retailers need an advertising edge, and digital audio can deliver the goods.

Connect with the right consumers

Not all shoppers are created equal. When it comes to holiday advertising, brands want to get their campaigns in front of the right customers. Digital audio ad tech directs messages to the most appropriate listeners, rather than massive general audiences.

At AudioGO, we can drill down to very niche segments, including retail shoppers, travelers, and holiday music fans, and detailed customer segments like couples, parents, tech lovers, fashionistas, and travelers.

How do we do it? AudioGO uses behavioral and contextual targeting to reach these listeners by identifying interests, listener profiles, content genres, and even geographic locations. We can even target them with holiday music.

Our users are receptive to ad messages. According to a recent Pandora survey, 53 percent of digital audio listeners said they want ads that are informative or relevant to products and services, while 50 percent said they are like positive, inspirational ads.

By sending your ads to the most interested shoppers, we help maximize your campaign’s effectiveness, improving return on investment. These targeted buys help minimize waste, allowing your advertising dollars to go further.

Reach shoppers wherever they are

Digital audio listeners often say audio serves a companion for their daily routines. At different points in the day, listeners tune into podcasts, streaming music and spoken word content and they listen in a variety of environments. This creates multiple opportunities for your brand to connect, and you can even produce multiple versions of a spot to run at different times of the day or in different contexts. 

For example, a listener might hear your ad while they’re streaming a podcast over their morning coffee and visit your website to make a purchase. Later in the day, as they’re driving home from work, they could hear another ad as they pass a retailer that sells your product. With each interaction, you’re building brand recognition and engagement. 

AudioGO can extend your messaging online too. Our exclusive retargeting tool expands display banners from brand’s audio campaigns to the Internet, reinforcing your brand online and keeping you top of mind with online shoppers.

Build an audio strategy

Too often, we see that audio advertising is an afterthought, tacked onto a video or digital campaign. That sells audio short. To use digital audio to its fullest, we think audio should get its fair share of attention.

So, whether you’re new to digital audio advertising or ready to double-down, it’s important to have an audio strategy, or a plan for how you’ll use digital audio. 

The centerpiece of an audio strategy is sonic branding, or a signature sound on audio. That could be a regular voice-over talent, a music bed or even a few notes. The tone should match a brand’s personality and values. The idea is to develop a clear and consistent sound that listeners learn to recognize and associate with their brand.

At AudioGO, we can help brands with their creative production. If brands want to create their own ads, we offer experienced talent to voice your ads, as well as holiday music as background music for holiday-themed spots.

Once you have your sonic branding, you need to find the best content for your messages. AudioGO offers ad inventory in the most popular streaming music, podcasts, and spoken word content, and we can help develop your plans.

This holiday season, maximize your ad dollars by working with AudioGO and see how digital audio can deliver on your holiday wish list.