How to Rep Your Brand Through a Branded Podcast

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It’s no secret that podcasting has taken off recently as one of the world’s favorite content mediums. There are several reasons for the surge in podcast popularity, not the least of which is the platform’s unique ability to engage audiences and create intimate connections with listeners.

Given these benefits, brands are catching on to the powerful marketing opportunities podcasts present. Branded podcasts are becoming an essential part of any company’s overall marketing strategy, carrying almost as much importance as social media or email marketing campaigns.

A recent study by the BBC found that branded podcasts can contribute to:

  • An 89% increase in awareness.
  • A 57% increase in brand consideration.
  • A 24% increase in brand favorability.
  • And a 14% increase in purchase intent.

With numbers like this, it’s hard to deny the power of branded podcasts as a marketing medium for companies. 

So how can brands harness this power and make the most of the podcasting boom? Whether you’re a fledgling startup or a household name, here are a few tips for repping your brand through a branded podcast:

Weave a compelling brand narrative through expert storytelling 

Branded podcasts provide an excellent opportunity for weaving a compelling brand narrative by telling engaging, educational or heartfelt stories. You or your podcast’s host can use each episode as a channel for storytelling around your company’s story, your mission and aim, or the impacts you’re creating through your work to boost awareness and educate listeners.

No matter who is doing the storytelling on the podcast, try to infuse the narrative with as much emotion and real-world experience as possible so that listeners will connect with it on a human-to-human level. The important thing when advertising your brand on your podcast (or really, when podcasting, period) is to be authentic and engaging, so don’t be afraid to weave in personal details or touching stories from your own experiences.

Source your guests wisely

A smart way to use your podcast as a channel to rep your brand is to feature special guests on the show like brand reps, people from the leadership team, or experts with specific knowledge from your company. You could also even invite satisfied customers onto the podcast to give them a chance to share their story. 

Ask your guests any relevant questions you can think of about their journey with your brand, how it’s changed their life, or what they’ve learned while working with the company.

Not only will the guests serve to add an interactive element to the show, but they will also provide a platform for you and your team to educate people about the brand. Remember to be authentic, and try to ask questions unrelated to the brand as well so the episode isn’t overly focused on your products and services. 

Amp up your brand’s visibility through association

Associating your brand with subjects that are a layer or two removed from your core offering can help increase your brand’s platform by broadening your potential audience base. For instance, if your brand offering is in the wellness realm, you could explore health and wellness topics on your podcast without directly zeroing in on your specific brand area. 

This strategy will serve to strengthen your brand narrative by reminding your audience what you stand for and what they can expect from your company. It will also help you amp up your visibility by establishing your brand as an authoritative voice in your field.

About the Author

Mackenzie Patterson is Quill Inc.’s digital content strategist