AudioGO's NEW Agency Account: One Dashboard to Power them All

4 min read

We have some great news to share with all of our advertising agency customers -- starting today, you'll be able to manage multiple campaigns, for your many different customers, all through just one dashboard with our NEW agency account!

What problem does this feature solve? 

Juggling various, separate client accounts can be a challenge for any agency. There's all the different types of campaigns that you'll have to manage, settings to monitor, reports to pull - and more - which can create inefficiencies, headaches, and the occasional error.

How did we solve it?

By upgrading to an agency account, you can now:

  • create and filter ad campaigns for multiple clients from a single master-account
  • enjoy separate billing, receipt, and payment settings for each one of your clients or sub-accounts
  • view and export custom client reports via one, unified dashboard

Why is this important?

Because we want to help agencies optimize their work flow by offering a seamless launch and management experience for multiple advertisers of multiple campaigns, with easy-to-use reporting and billing features to go with it.

How does this feature work?

To upgrade to an agency account, you'll first need to qualify by spending a lifetime total of at least ten thousand dollars.

Once you’ve upgraded, you’ll see a new ‘Advertisers’ link in the top-left menu, next to ‘Reporting.' In the ‘Advertisers’ management page, click the ‘Add new advertiser’ button and input in the side-panel the advertiser name, website and industry.

Please note the industry list is compliant to IAB categories that are used for defining the content taxonomy.

Can I invite an advertiser to have visibility over their account? 

Yes, with the user management feature you can invite advertisers to view, edit, or have full access over their account. To do so, just go to the ‘User management’ menu, click on the ‘Ad new user’ button, and in the ‘Invite user’ side-panel input their contact information, permission rights, and select the advertiser name.

Learn more about permission types here.

How do I create campaigns per advertiser? 

Like you normally do, by going to ‘My dashboard’ and clicking on the ‘Create new campaign’ button. But in the campaign details, you can now select the previously defined advertiser using the ‘Set your advertiser’ dropdown list.

How do I manage the campaigns per advertiser? 

In your dashboard you can filter the campaigns for a specific advertiser by using the new ‘Advertiser’ dropdown list, next to the ‘Filter by date’ option. You can see the campaigns for all advertisers or selected ones and manage them accordingly. Each campaign displayed in the dashboard contains also the advertiser name.

How do I create reports per advertiser? 

In the ‘Reporting’ page, click the ‘Create new report’ button and select the specific advertiser from the new ‘For Which Advertiser’ dropdown list.  Should you want to see the reports you created for a specific advertiser, you can use the ‘Filter by advertiser’ dropdown, next to the ‘Create new report’ button.

Want to learn more, or get started?

Simply go to ‘My account’ menu and expand the new ‘Agency account’ option, then press the ‘Upgrade to Agency account‘ button.

If you don’t have this option available, please contact us via email or by live chat to request an activation.

For more information about our new agency account, check out the FAQs about it here