Display Retargeting Comes to AudioGO

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Sight and sound is a potent combo for creating connections with your listeners. And today, we're thrilled to bring the power of display ads to the AudioGO platform by letting our audio advertisers expand their companion banners to the web with our new retargeting feature!

What is retargeting?

Retargeting allows you to reconnect with people who have already listened to your audio ad with a display ad as they browse the internet.

Why is retargeting important?

By leveraging the prevalence of display ads to support the stickiness of your audio messaging, retargeting has proven to increase recall, reach, brand awareness - and most importantly, clicks. In fact, by pairing audio ads with display ads, you can even quadruple the amount of clicks you would otherwise get from running displays ads on their own!

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How does retargeting work on AudioGO?

AudioGO will repurpose your companion banners and display them on websites your listeners visit after hearing your audio ad first. You can enable it with a single click of the the toggle below, after uploading your display creative:

And unlike other adtech platforms, there's no need to create a separate campaign or add a pixel to your website - it just takes one click to supercharge your reach.

How much does it cost?

We'll markup your budget 20% if you wish to take advantage of retargeting for your campaign. The display CPM is roughly 5 times lower than our audio CPM, so you can expect a comparable number of display impressions as you would audio impressions. Or, put another way, you can effectively double your total campaign impressions (and impact) by only adding 20% to your overall spend.

What kind of reporting do I get?

You'll still receive the same reporting you're accustomed to. The only real difference is that you'll notice a significant increase in clicks when retargeting is activated. And that's because your click count will reflect clicks from your streaming banner ads AND clicks from your retargeted displays. 

Should I use display retargeting?

Yes, you should! We highly recommend this option for advertisers looking to maximize their impressions, conversions and clicks. Also, for an extra 20% of your budget, it might be one of the more affordable ways of creating an effective multi-channel campaign on one platform.

To see a live demo on how display retargeting works on AudioGO, please click here.

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