8 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Digital Audio Strategy

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Digital Audio is everywhere

190M+ Americans stream music, radio, news, and podcasts on phones, tablets, smart speakers, and computers every single month. As of this past year, Digital Audio is also being listened to now more than AM/FM radio and even outranks video, gaming, and social as the country's #1 mobile activity.

By all other major metrics, we are currently living in the middle of an audio revolution.

If that already wasn't enough too, most of today's listeners are of working age and use free, ad-supported subscriptions to do their streaming.

Music to any marketers' ears.

Digital Audio gets attention

People spend less than 2 seconds looking at a display ad on their phone.

The average watch time of a video ad is roughly 10 seconds long.

But with a streaming audio ad, 98% of your listeners will sit through an entire 30-second spot from start to finish.

And as any good advertiser knows, every second counts. Especially when you're trying to make an impression.

Digital Audio is catchy

Ever since the days of the radio jingle, audio ads have always had this unique ability to hook listeners with their catchiness.

Like a good song, a good audio ad will linger. Which has the effect of making your marketing all the more memorable too.

Digital Audio goes where Facebook and Google don't

Think about all the times you’re driving, or when you’re exercising, cooking, or cleaning the house. Think about all those moments in the day when screens are off and your favorite music or podcast is on. 

Well, for the average American, those ‘screenless moments’ add up to 4.5 hours of any given day. Which, for any marketer, is a really long time to be away from your Facebook and Google ads.

But fortunately, it’s in these moments that an audio ad can help fill that messaging gap. By reaching your audience in ways and places your search and social marketing can't, while at the same time still reinforcing your overall digital marketing.

This is also what's called omnichannel advertising - the act of bringing your brand wherever your customers go in their journey, online and off. It's been proven to bring about better ROI, more engagements - and it's one of the biggest reasons why your business needs a digital audio strategy, as well.

Digital Audio is targeted

The digital, data-based nature of today’s audio allows for audience targeting at such granularity that ad experiences can truly become more 1 to 1. In fact, our behavioral targeting feature is a perfect example of how personalized your marketing can get with AudioGO.

It's a tool that lists up to 60 different interests and statuses for our users to select the listeners of their audio ads by. And there are all kinds of options to choose from, like:

  • retail shoppers
  • tech enthusiasts
  • job seekers
  • new parents
  • and more!

If you want to see our behavioral targeting feature in action, then you should read what happens to this small business that takes full advantage of it in this case study

Digital Audio is effective

The sheer catchiness of audio ads actually lends to a sort of stickiness that's been known to improve engagement 4X across accompanying search and social campaigns.

So if awareness and clicks are goals of your integrated marketing, then you're definitely going to want to have a digital audio strategy - just as much as you're going to want to know about our new display retargeting feature.

It works by taking the banner ads from your AudioGO campaigns and displays them on websites your listeners visit after they hear your audio ad. It requires no pixel and just one click to effectively create your own multichannel marketing campaign (on one platform, no less), while potentially gaining you 4X more clicks than you would otherwise get from just running display ads on their own.

Digital Audio is affordable

Admittedly, that’s not always the case.

To this day, most people are still required to fork over four and five-figure spends to buy ads directly on premium audio publishers.

But, that doesn’t apply to AudioGO.

With minimums as low as $250, you won't find a more affordable solution to market your business on some of the biggest music streaming, digital radio, live sports, news, and podcast apps around.

Not to mention, if you don't have an audio ad to get started, it'll only run you $10 to have one recorded by our team of real, professional voice actors.

Digital Audio is the Future

To fully understand what's happening in the world of Audio, it might help to know that it’s not just today’s listeners that's undergoing a digital transformation.

The ad industry as a whole is in the middle of its own digital reckoning. For decades, and even still, they've maintained this old-school service model that involved people in every step of the ad buying, planning, and placement process.

But only in the past few years has a 'smarter' way to advertise emerge, where humans get replaced for intelligent algorithms that automatically fulfill those functions in a matter of clicks. No differently than how AudioGO works.

So instead of the back-and-forth of speaking to a salesperson about what your ad campaign is, who it’s for, where your target audience is, when you want it played in the day, etc. – today’s adtech, like ours, empowers users to complete those tasks in mere minutes themselves.

This new way of digital advertising - called programmatic advertising - is the future. As we’ve seen already, it's targeted, it’s data-backed, it's faster, it's easier.

And if you ask one of our agency advertisers, they’ll even tell you that it's a whole lot better.

See what the future of audio advertising looks like for yourself in the link below.

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