"Moved Facebook Budget to AudioGO and Saw a 30% Increase in Gross Revenue"

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Don't take our word for it, here's what one of our agency advertisers - Gary of Brazzell Marketing - had to say about AudioGO in a recent G2 review.

What do you like best about AudioGO?

I advised one of my biggest Facebook advertisers to cancel their Facebook advertising and switch that entire budget to AudioGO. Gross revenues spiked 30% after about of month of this.

Now is the time to switch your Facebook ad dollars to AudioGO. The buzz factor for advertisers is about as big as it gets. Pandora has traditionally required a minimum buy of $5,000 and had DMA-based ad distribution. This is no problem for national advertisers but it has discouraged most local advertisers.

Resultantly, Pandora users are accustomed to only hearing national ads. You can use AudioGO to place Pandora ads with a minimum buy of only $260 (including commercial production) and targeting as specific as a single zip code. When audiences hear AudioGO ads run alongside Pandora's national advertisers it conveys a strong sense of importance and excitement that is not conveyed by Facebook or Google ads.

AudioGO ads are like running TV ads for the buzz factor. Audience members text the business owners and exclaim "I heard you on Pandora!" The only other medium where I have experienced that sort of buzz was TV. But because we achieve a CPM in AudioGO that is 0.2% of the CPM on cable, the buzz factor is actually even bigger than TV.

AudioGO's precise targeting by age, income, and location minimizes the wasted ad dollars and maximizes ROI. Targeting can further be refined by audience characteristics such as pet owners, business owners, etc. In some ways, for my clients, the targeting is superior to Facebook.

Considering the quality of these ads, the cost per impression / CPM is better than you will find anywhere. AudioGO also provides the voice and commercial production talent, and 89% of the ads they have produced for me were national-ad-quality. The other 11% were acceptable to the clients.

Finally, by combining the massive audiences of Pandora, iHeart Radio, TuneIn, and other excellent streaming audio services, they deliver a colossal combined audience. Resultantly, most businesses can find many of their most likely customers. Even my highly specialized, local-area clients can find tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands narrowly defined, high-value target-audience members.

One crazy thing about AudioGO is they have customer service. I mean real customer service like it's 1980 or something. Their customer service has been real humans, providing intelligent and timely answers, and actually responding to my exact questions. They actually read and understand the ads. Unlike my constant frustrations in Google and Facebook, I have experienced zero erroneous ad disapprovals or content limitations in AudioGO. We follow the rules, and, in return, we are treated like valued customers. It's amazing.

Any recommendations to others considering the product?

Do it now. Not later. Turn off your Facebook and move that budget to AudioGO now. The buzz factor with AudioGO ad placements is higher now than it ever will be again. Stick with AudioGO for the advertising value.

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

Benefits: Higher ROI in terms of change in the rate of growth in gross revenue.

Problem Solved: Effective targeting by income instead of imprecise income targeting by zip code in Facebook, or income targeting in Google that throws off the algorithms and actually reduces campaign effectiveness.

Problem Solved: Higher impact ads with the warmth of human voice and music give ads the positive emotional value my clients have been looking for.

Problem Solved: Unlike Google and Facebook, AudioGO has given me zero erroneous ad disapprovals or categorizations.

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