How Audio Ads Make the Phone Ring and What Marchex Does to Track Them

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The Situation

For all types of advertising, it is important to know your investment is worthwhile. Whether this comes in the form of customers mentioning the ad, insights from analytics, or increased sales, you need to know your advertising is working. What if your tracking tools not only showed you how much new business is coming from your campaigns, but also helped your ads perform better and allowed you to optimize future ad spend? By using AudioGO’s built in reporting combined with Marchex’s Call Tracking numbers and analytics, you are able to do that and more. 

We worked with Boar’s Head Resort to test out some of Marchex’s tracking tools. We know audio is naturally a great brand awareness tool, but we wanted to see the results of a direct response campaign. Not only did we see some great results, but we also were able to better understand what works best in terms of messaging, targeting, and much more. 

The Solution

We setup three campaigns for different initiatives (Golfing, Dining, and General Stays). We used unique call tracking numbers for each campaign. The unique call tracking numbers allowed us to use vanity numbers that made it easier for listeners to remember the CTA (ie. 888-GOLF-BHR). This was also a natural advantage of the call tracking numbers, making it easier for listeners to convert into customers. By comparing the results of the unique vanity numbers to the non vanity numbers, we saw a 3x increase in call activity. This was a huge increase just from including a custom number, and instantly proved that audio advertising makes the phone ring. 

“The unique number definitely performed better. We had about three times the amount of calls with the vanity number, and that is because it was just easier for listeners to remember and make a call.”

From there, we were able to take advantage of Marchex’s analytics to get more information than just how many phone calls occurred. We were able to see when the calls occurred, duration of each call, where calls were coming from, and more. This helped us and Boar’s Head Resort better understand which campaigns were performing better and why. For example, we noticed the Golf campaign had more calls, and most of them occurred during the week. This makes sense, as this is usually when Golfers set tee times for the upcoming weekends. Add in AudioGO’s reporting, and we were able to better understand what age groups, genders, and locations responded the most to the ads. Combining these insights, Boar’s Head Resort had a better idea of where to focus their ad spend in the future, thus helping them get more results from their investment.

“Looking at the two platform’s analytics gave us some deeper insights. More data is always better, but this information allowed us to understand when calls where coming and what they were calling in about. Combine that with AudioGO’s dashboard, and we can really start to understand who is responding and where we should focus our ad spend.”

The Results

It is without a doubt important to be able to track the return on your ad spend. If you can get more out of your tracking tools, like Boar’s Head Resort did with Marchex’s suite of tools combined with AudioGO, then you will not only know what is working now but what will work in the future. Combining the power of unique, easy to remember phone numbers with in depth reporting, you can make the most of your advertising, past, present, and future. Get more out of your advertising with Marchex and AudioGO. 

“It can be difficult tracking your advertising’s impact, and audio is no different. That being said, unique call tracking numbers from Marchex and the combined reporting gives us more actionable information, which can help us make the most of our ad spend overall.”

About Marchex

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