Making Payments More Flexible for Audio Ads

2 min read

How much does an audio ad cost? How much should I spend? How often do I get billed? You decide! With our latest addition to the billing settings in AudioGO, you can now customize your billing threshold, which determines how much you pay, and how often you get billed.

What are the default settings to start with?

When you create a fresh new AudioGO account, and add your credit card, you will get billed as soon as you reach a total spend, across all your campaigns, of at least $250. The only exception is at the end of the month, when we charge your account regardless of the amount due. This helps your accounting team better classify expenses on a month-by-month basis and it's a setting that cannot be changed.

When can I change my billing threshold?

As you start making successful payments, we gradually increase the limit to which you can set your maximum billing threshold, while $250 remains as the minimum. For example, if your maximum allowed limit is $500, you can set your billing threshold to anything within the range of $250 ~ $500, leaving it up to you on how much you'd like your credit card charges to be, and ultimately how often you get billed, according of course to your spend.

How do I change my billing threshold?

Simply navigate to "Payment methods" from your user menu, then locate the "Current payment threshold" widget to see your current threshold displayed, currently defaulted to $250. You can change the default by clicking the edit icon to the right of the widget. This will open a modal window which will allow you to enter your new payment threshold.

Why can't I change my current threshold?

If you cannot set your billing threshold to anything other than the default value, it could mean you have not completed any campaigns yet, or that you may have not recorded enough successful payments. Please check back at a later time, and adjust your threshold accordingly.

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