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Why Audio is the Next Frontier of Advertising for Small Businesses

As a small business owner, managing your ad spend is just one of the many hats you wear on a daily basis - and you want to make sure every dollar counts. Getting your ad in front of the right people at the right time is important, and now, audio advertising can help you do that, giving you the power to reach your target audience in new and exciting ways, without breaking your budget. 

That’s why we were so excited to introduce AudioGO a self-serve audio ad platform that makes it easy for small businesses and agencies to directly buy audio advertising on audio services like Pandora, iHeartRadio and other premium publishers quickly and affordably. To get started yourself, sign up here

For more on the power of  audio to help drive your business, read on.

Audio is on when screens are off.

Today, Americans listen to more than 4 hours of streaming audio every day. Using voice for search, communicating with smart speakers, listening to podcasts, and enjoying streaming music services is now mainstream. People listen to their favorite podcast while running or driving and stream a new album while cooking or working. We are truly becoming an audio-first society.

This is good news for advertisers, for a number of reasons.  

Listeners are often using audio hands-free (exercising, cleaning, etc.), so they rarely skip through an ad. Audio ads also are often longer than the more traditional 6-second visual, giving advertisers more room to tell their story and connect emotionally with their audience. And, according to a 2017 Nielsen Media Lab Study, audio ads increase ad recall by up to 24 percent over display.

You’ve likely seen the potential behind audio, and maybe you want to give audio advertising a try, but were turned down because you didn't meet the minimum spend to land a spot with a premium publisher. Or, perhaps you don’t have an audio ad, or you're just not sure how to get started. We’d like to help with that. Through AudioGO, small businesses and agencies now have a viable way to reach their customers, engaging with them on a whole new level. It’s time to not only be seen but heard. 

Designed with small businesses in mind, AudioGO is built to be accessible and easy-to-use. 

AudioGO was created to support small businesses and anyone new to this form of advertising. It’s meant to remove those common roadblocks that hold many businesses back from taking advantage of audio. And, since we aggregate multiple premium publishers on one buying platform, you’re better able to target by ideal audience, not publisher, amplifying your message within both global and local markets. 

Now available to everyone in the U.S., our AudioGO team is ready to support small businesses and agencies in their first foray in audio advertising. Now is the time to reach a new set of listeners and potential customers you never thought possible – affordably and in a matter of minutes. 

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