Future of Audio and Entertainment 2024 Recap

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This past month, a few team members attended The Future of Audio and Entertainment in London, and they came back from across the pond with pivotal insights advertisers of any size need to know. 

First—what’s The Future of Audio and Entertainment? It’s a yearly full-day event that brings together 50+ speakers from the world of audio and media as they share the latest advertising advancements, innovations in audio and more. 

Here are some key takeaways we don’t want to gatekeep:

Artificial Intelligence, Programmatic Ads, and Tech Innovation 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a hot topic of discussion, and at this session, it was no different. Speakers included: 

    • Mary Ann Halfrod: Global Media & Entertainment Strategies, Halford Media Advisory
    • Ollie Chadwick: Regional Director, UK & Ireland AdsWizz
    • Matt Deegan: Creative Director, Folder Media
    • Tom Sherwood: Product Lead, YouTube
    • Emma Raz: Director of Commercial, NumberEight

Each panelist spoke about AI's impact on creative, media training, and talent production. 

Sheerwod explained that AI has played an important role at YouTube in enabling the collision of video and audio in recent years and that because of that, AI is embedded in (mostly) everything they do.

This is particularly true now that AI has drastically changed consumer behavior. For instance, 54% of podcast listeners are now more likely to consume podcasts on YouTube rather than audio. (Think of how AI has enabled converting audio to video with subtitles.) This is just one example of how the latest advancements in AI and programmatic are reshaping audio advertising and increasing productivity and effectiveness. 

Chadwick shared how AdsWizz is using AI. Most recently, they announced their first solution in AdsWizz’s AI Ad Tools, Synthetic Voice, now available in AudioGO’s Ad Creative Suite. Their self-serve tool and DSP solutions use AI to enable brands to create digital audio creative easily. It’s just another example of how you can use AI as an enhancement to increase efficiency. 

You can try Synthetic Voice for free today.

Boosting Brand Exposure With 2024's Summer of Sport 

Since sporting events are traditionally pure gold for most brands, panelists discussed how brands of any size can leverage this summer’s Olympics for the ultimate brand display. 

Panelists included:

  • Jenni Falconer: RubPod and Smooth presenter 
  • Mickelle Roberts: Brand Experience Director, Global
  • Nicky Mackrell: Brand Marketing Director, NatWest Group
  • Tessa Sanderson: CBE Olympic Javelin Gold Medalist 

Each expert shared how brands can maximize their exposure to audiences and boost brand perception during the Summer Olympics in 2024. The Olympics are a huge opportunity for brands to reach audiences on the world stage alongside iconic sporting moments. They noted that not only does sport bring people together, but it also influences national conversations that many brands want to be a part of. 

Want to participate in the Summer Olympics conversation but are unsure how? Check out AudioGO’s advanced targeting options, which include over 220 behavioral segments and over 500 targeting options within podcast ads. 

You can couple these targeting options with our vast network of sports publications in our audience network, including ESPN Radio (via Tunein), NBC Sports (via SiriusXM Podcasts), Barstool Sports, and more!

The Future of Audio and Entertainment was a fantastic opportunity to deepen our connections within the podcasting community and further empower local businesses and agencies to create and run successful audio ads. 

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