The Rise of In-Game Audio Ads

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Gamers don't just play games - they become a vital part of these virtual worlds, interacting with characters, conquering new challenges, and pushing the limits of their imaginations.

Mobile games have been on the rise in recent years, with more and more advertisers recognizing the potential of reaching gamers through immersive audio experiences. In fact, as of this year (2023), the number of users in the mobile games market is 157 million and is expected to reach 182 million by 2027.

By incorporating mobile audio ads within a gaming environment, in-game audio ads can be an innovative component of your advertising strategy to connect with target audiences, while creating immersive brand experiences.

The Start Screen - An Overview of In-Game Audio Ads 

Audio ads, as we know them, are played on audio-based media channels such as radio, streaming music services, podcasts, and other audio content, typically within a "lean back" experience. Audio ads get utilized by businesses to promote their products or services to a specific target audience and can be an effective way to build brand awareness and drive sales.

In-game audio ads differ from the standard view of audio advertising because they are placed in more "lean-in" settings, where players heavily interact with different environments. This contrasts with the typical "lean-back" experience that audio ads in other backdrops provide, such as streaming or podcasts.

But make no mistake about it, in-game mobile ads are still very much audio ads.

Integrating in-game audio ads should enhance the gaming experience and enrich the gameplay's overall immersion. As a result, audiences are more likely to pay attention and engage with those ads. In fact, it's not uncommon for these type of ads to see click through rates above 1.5%!

In-game audio ads offer another significant advantage over traditional video and banner ads by not interrupting gameplay. A recent YouGov study found that when in-game audio ads get executed with precision and care and don't disrupt gameplay, gamers don't mind them. The last thing gamers want is to get annoyed and frustrated by an audio ad that ruins their gaming experience!

Best Practices for In-Game Advertising to Reach “Boss Level” (Noobs Welcome)

Gamers are diverse people, ranging from casual players to hardcore enthusiasts. They are also highly engaged and passionate about the games they play. Research your target audience and learn what types of games they enjoy, what motivates them, and how they interact with games.

Keep it Short and Engaging

In-game audio ads should be short and engaging so they don't disrupt the player's experience. Focus on creating memorable ads that leave a lasting impression on the listener.

Connect with Gamers with the Right Technology Partners

Work with a partner that connects advertisers to mobile gamers by amplifying the in-game experience with non-intrusive audio ads. For example, our partner and in-game audio ad company Odeeo is integrated into hundreds of mobile games from leading global mobile studios such as MondayOff, Gamejam, and TapNation. They provide a safe brand environment with transparent traffic, desirable gaming content, and a positive user experience.

Odeeo allows marketers to target mobile in-app based on various criteria such as geography, device language, region, ZIP, operating system, device type, game bundle, game genre, demographics, etc.

And don't be surprised if you happen to see their name in your publisher breakdown as they're already an integral part of our Audience Network.

Measure and Optimize

Like any other form of advertising, it's essential to measure the effectiveness of in-game audio ads and optimize them based on the results. Use metrics such as engagement rates, click-through rates, and conversions to determine your ads' performance and adjust as needed.

Let the Games Begin!

In-game audio ads offer a unique opportunity for advertisers to reach a highly engaged and passionate audience. By understanding the gaming audience, working with the right technology partners, keeping ads short and engaging, targeting and personalization, and measuring and optimizing results, advertisers can create valuable and memorable in-game audio ads that resonate with gamers. So take advantage of this exciting opportunity to connect with your audience on a whole new level.

More about Odeeo

Odeeo is building the future of audio advertising solutions. Working with the world’s top mobile publishers and developers, Odeeo is creating a marketplace for audio advertisers to access an audience of three billion highly-engaged users globally through apps and games.