Finding the Perfect Hire for your Local Business with Audio

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As more people move to Arizona, Dose Moving recently found themselves needing to hire more movers to keep up with this growing demand. And they needed a lot of them, and they needed them fast. That's when Marilee Dose, founder of the state's #1 recommended moving company, decided to run a mass hiring campaign on AudioGO for help bringing awareness to the amazing opportunities at her company.

The Solution:

Using AudioGO’s demographic and interest-based audience targeting, Dose Moving created their recruitment campaign to specifically target men, ages 18-34 who were interested in fitness and seeking employment in Phoenix, Arizona.

While they also post job openings on websites like Indeed and ZipRecruiter, Dose Moving wanted more reach and needed more control over the vetting process. Drawn by all the different targeting options she found on the AudioGO platform, Marilee was able to choose an audience profile for her ad that closely resembled the type of candidates she was looking for.

The Advertisement:

Since Dose Moving had never created an audio ad before, they relied on AudioGO's creative services to help record an advertisement for them. For only $10, Marilee developed a script and worked with a male voice actor who sounded like he might be part of their target audience, and paired their message about a great working environment and employee benefits with upbeat background music. Once the selections were made, the AudioGO platform then recorded and delivered her professionally-produced ad in less than 24 hrs.

“I was worried about creating an audio ad since I had never done one before, but AudioGO’s platform made the process really easy. I was quite impressed with the speed and quality the platform delivers,” Marilee commented about her experience.

The Result:

Tailoring voice and background tracks to match the campaign’s targeting has been shown to help boost engagement. Research has shown that listeners want messaging that they can relate to. In fact, according to a Nielson study, 65% of people say they like and prefer ads that feel as though they were created just for them.

Which is one reason why the campaign was so successful for Marilee. By personalizing her message and utilizing AudioGO’s retargeting feature - a tool that effectively makes your audio campaigns display campaigns as well - Dose Moving's hiring campaign saw a .36% click-through-rate (CTR), beating the average CTR for display advertising of 0.1%. In addition to that, her audio campaign reached over 15,000 qualified candidates on the largest music streaming, podcasts, and digital radio apps.

"AudioGO did exactly what we wanted it to," Marilee offered in her final analysis. "We saw a significant bump in applications during the month we ran our AudioGO campaign. They were well qualified. Some of them even got hired too!"

About Dose Moving

Dose Moving is a family owned business that understands the value of integrity. We carefully select our employees knowing that each and every one of them represent us and our standards. Whether it’s moving across town or across the country we provide the same dedicated safety standards and professional best practices that has allowed our company to stand above the rest.

Let Dose Moving show you how a moving company can put you first.

– Patrick and Marilee