Turn Up Your Client Marketing: 2021 Agency Guide to AudioGO

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Editor's Notes

2020 may have been a year to forget. But for us in Digital Audio, we’ll remember this past year as the first time we beat out both radio for listening1 and social, video, and gaming as the #1 mobile activity.2

And from the sounds of it, this year is about to get even louder. Because if there’s anything that continues to define American life during this pandemic - it’s streaming.

The only problem was that there never really was an easy solution for small brands to buy into this growing audio trend on neither of the biggest podcasts, digital radio, and music streaming apps - until now.

So as our way to help Turn Up your Client Marketing with AudioGO, we pulled together this guidebook that has everything your agency needs to be successful with their digital audio advertising.

  • You’ll discover the special benefits and opportunities streaming media has to offer your clients.
  • You’ll see why Digital Audio has been finding its groove among agencies as a necessary part of today's marketing mix.
  • You'll get introduced to our partners, and all of the streaming apps that make up our publisher network.
  • And, you’ll learn how simple and affordable it is to take advantage of our self-serve ad platform

The stage is all but set for 2021 to be another banner year in Digital Audio, and we’re going to show you how to put your clients front and center of it.


  1. Edison Research: Audio Consumption On Digital Devices Surpasses Traditional Devices For The First Time, July 2020.

  2. eMarketer: US Time Spent with Mobile Apps by Activity, January 2021