Case Study: How Targeted Audio Ads Can Double Job Applicants

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The Challenge

In 2020, due to the pandemic, Sender One Climbing had to make the difficult decision to furlough the majority of their staff. When the California economy started to open back up, Sender One also opened their doors to the public. However, there was one problem: Sender One struggled to hire enough staff to operate at full capacity. According to the National Federation of Independent Business, 42% of owners struggled to fill job openings as the economy opened back up.

Alice Kao, Founder of Sender One Climbing and her team had used various avenues to attract candidates to apply without much success. To make the offer even more attractive, Sender One is offering a $500 signing bonus for new employees.

The Solution

The team wanted to try a different approach and use audio to amplify their message about new job opportunities. Alice and her team developed a 30-second ad focusing on new job opportunities, great benefits, and the $500 signing bonus. With the power of AudioGO’s platform, the ad targeted listeners in Orange County who were interested in nature and outdoors, fitness enthusiasts, and were seeking employment. Some of the many options you can choose from with our behavioral targeting tool.

The Results

With a modest budget of $250, Sender One’s employment ad ran for 2 weeks through the AudioGO platform and reached over 9,000 listeners. For the 2 weeks Sender One ran their audio ad through AudioGO, they were able to double the number of interested applicants through their website than the two weeks before.

“We instantly saw an increase of applicants come through our site after the first day the audio ad had played,” said Alice Kao, “The quality of the applicants were also quite impressive. AudioGO’s ability to target listeners who would be interested in working at a climbing gym saved us a lot of time and money.”

Although there are still many job openings looking to be filled, Sender One is continuing to use audio as a channel to find new candidates to work at their gyms.

About Sender One Climbing

In 2011, co-founders Alice Kao, Wes Shih, and Wes Chu began climbing together at a local gym in Los Angeles. For each of them, rock climbing was an avenue for self-discovery and a wellspring for community during transitional times in their lives.

When the founders opened the first Sender One, they found in each other a shared experience and motivation for climbing -- to discover themselves and connect with others. This naturally became Sender One’s main purpose -- a purpose they wanted to share with as many people as possible. While visitors may come to climb on the beautiful walls, they end up staying because of the community they find and what they learn about themselves through climbing.

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