Holiday Marketing, Behavioral Targeting, Better Reporting, and more!

2 min read

As many of you know, we recently rolled out a bunch of new features to AudioGO. But what you might not know is how important they could be for your digital ad strategy this Holiday Season. So to help with that, our very own Ian Murphy is back again with another must-see presentation on:

Behavioral Targeting - and how we’ve added more than 200 different options to further your audience's reach by:

  • statuses - like students, homeowners, employed, singles, and more
  • and, interests- like health and beauty, retail shopping, sports, and more

Reporting - and how we’ve included more analytics into how your ad is performing, and better insights into who’s listening.

Display Ad Creation - and how we've partnered with Canva to develop a tool that allows our advertisers to design professional-quality banner ads to pair with their audio ads.

Remarketing - and how we’ll soon be able to display your audio campaign’s banner ads to listeners on websites outside of their streaming apps.

Holiday Marketing - and how to best leverage these new features during the most wonderful time of the year, for streaming music and podcasts.

Additional Resources

For more details about behavioral targeting, please visit this post on our blog. And to learn more about display advertising on AudioGO, here's a great place to start.